Friday, June 17, 2011

What The Day Brings

Today promises to be just grand. It started off with a curb-side treasure find - a portable firepit! Plus, some plastic shelves that may fit in my closet and hold my workout gear. I'm looking for solutions to this one that don't involve another piece of furniture. I don't want to crowd the space, but having the workout gear folded in the top of the closet requires me practice my standing vertical skills (of which I have exactly none) - so another solution is in order.

I took Cha-Cha out for a spin this morning - again, just grand. Today, I concentrated on doing the streets with more climb to them. Tomorrow might find me singing the "Hill Street Blues". (loved that show).

Tonight promises to be a grand time - dinner here
at one of my favorite places, followed by a live performance by the local Shakespeare company with three of the GNOs.

Saturday - I haven't decided what to do for my exercise on Saturday - maybe a riverside bike ride. And then I will pull the trigger on the baby Weber grill in time for Pebbles and Slater to come over on Saturday afternoon.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. May your day be as you like it.



  1. Woot! I think you will be really happy with the Weber Q! And woohoo for the free fire pit! Of course, you really won't be needing it this weekend, what with the *ahem* lovely temps predicted, but still. That will be great to have. :)

    Enjoy your bike rides and Shakespeare! Looks like a fun weekend is in store for you.

  2. Hurray for free stuff!

    You know I had to go straight to that restaurant menu to decide what I would eat. The porkchop sounds delish.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I love curb finds! One man's trash is another, etc.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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