Sunday, July 31, 2011

August Approaching

August is approaching and it's time for a new "challenge" for me. I'm participating in the Be A Better Me at The Personal Excellence Blog. I don't know what this challenge will bring, but I've done things like this in the past and if I get at least one takeaway, then it is worth the effort.

I also have my own personal challenge for August and that is to smile. If I can put a smile on my face, then that so alters my experiences with the outside world. In my past, while I never felt dour, I usually had a dour, tense expression on my face and I believe it affected my interactions with people. It's funny - I had this thought on Saturday morning before going to a district meeting of a group I belong to - "Today, I will walk in with a smile on my face and I will keep it that way". At the end of the meeting, as we were breaking down the room, a woman whom I have never met said to me "You are just beautiful. I've noticed you throughout the day and you have a gorgeous smile" or words to that effect. It does sound weird to write it down like that, but she wasn't trying to pick me up. It's the smile that does it. Over the past couple of months, I've had people comment or even identify me as "that woman with the great smile". Who knew? I sure as hell didn't. So that is my personal challenge for the month - to keep aware and keep a smile on my face whenever possible.

Got through a decent food day yesterday. Did have an extra-large serving of brownies at lunch, but had a minimal dinner to make up for it, so the calories weren't horribly out of range. The desire to exercise has completely left me for the time being, but I'm chocking that up to being too damned hot. I don't even want to get out into the heat to go to the gym at lunch.

Plans for today include "mowing" the yard, some laundry, and a home mani/pedi. Plus, I've got to think of a name for my metal chicken and find a place for her in the yard. The.back.yard.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Smile.



  1. I CANNOT believe it is August tomorrow? Where did July go? Love your smile goal:)

  2. Smiling makes a huge difference with everyone around you, I've found. Good goal for August (AUGUST?!?).

  3. You have a gorgeous smile. That was the first thing I noticed about you when I met you. Plus you're skinny! And beautiful!


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