Friday, July 15, 2011

Bird Bath

This morning I sat and watched the birds playing in the sprinklers. It is so hot and I know that all the animals must be suffering. Yesterday, the squirrels were playing in the sprinklers - about four of them. While I have no love for the fuzzy vermin, I hate the thought of them being without water. The Previous Owner had a multitude of bird baths but evidently took them with her or gave them away. It hadn't really dawned on me until I was sitting in the den, in the "Three's Company" chair looking out the window, that the fauna in the neighborhood had probably grown to depend upon my backyard as a water source. I did set out a vessel with water, but I probably need to investigate some other options. Being able to sit and watch the wide variety of birds that come into the back yard is a gift that I'd like to continue receiving.

So I bit on yesterday's Groupon: a two hour yet ski ride on a local lake. It's on a jet ski built for three, but I think I just might make this adventure solo. I think an early morning run around the lake would be a blast!

Last night's Netflix: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
. I quite liked this.

So back to vacation: From the beautiful lakeshores of Baddeck, we traveled off of Cape Breton to Antigonish, where the Highland Games were just kicking off. I have to take a moment to say that it has been my experience that the service level one receives in a restaurants are bound by the geographical norms. What is perfectly acceptable and normal in some parts of the country wouldn't fly in others. The dinner service (and the food) in Antigonish was the worst I'd come across. We missed most of the opening ceremonies, as our waitress/kitchen was SO slow. But we made it anyway - what a grand evening - there were pipers, and Gaelic choirs and step dancing and men in kilts ;-). All in all, a glorious evening. And I did opt out of the late night entertainment. Talia and her husband found the temporary pub set up and stayed out until past 1 am! They had a great time - and told me that I had really missed out. That The Piper with whom I'd had an interaction earlier in the evening was there, along with his mates. Ah, well.

My camera batteries were pretty delicate at this time, so I got very few pictures of the goings on at Antigonish. We stayed at this lovely B&B/Inn. The service was quite nice and my little attic room was beautiful - the pictures do not do it justice. Of course, I'm a sucker for those roof lines! We had a wonderful breakfast and watched the parade from the dining room, as it had started to really rain. The first bad weather in our entire trip. We had planned to see more of The Games - we all wanted to see the men in kilts running jumping and climbing trees or throwing heavy things - and the actually band competition, but didn't want to wade through the rain and the mud to do so, so we set our sites on Halifax. Which effectively ends our travelogue. Great trip. Wonderful friends. A nice blend of travel and vacation.

My plans for today include a workout at lunch, followed by a dip in the pool at the gym (I brought my suit today) and a meeting tonight, which may or may not include dinner with a friend afterwards. Tomorrow, I think I'll get up early and hit the trail on Cha-Cha before it gets too hot. I'm shooting for a couple hour ride. And then I need to do some yardwork, but given the temperatures, that will probably be handled in fifteen minute chunks.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get wet.



  1. Love your travel diaries. I feel like I have been there too. I know about the heat! I have really taken advantage of my 30 day gym membership and just tried to stay out of the heat.

    Nature really is a gift.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I have that movie in my Netflix line up - good to hear that you liked it.

    Wonder if the bird baths are like a buffet for Jimmie Dale? That is one reason I've never put them in my yard - my dang cats, well, Kip, get enough birds on their own.

    Have a great swim, and a great weekend!

  3. You're the second person who has talked about that movie - I'm going to have to google it and see what it's about.

    We saw highland games in Scotland - I was sure it was going to be all touristy, but it was the real deal. Tug'o'war, men tossing cabers (looked like telephone poles to me), girls dancing the fling,bagpipes...quite a delight. We struck pay dirt on that one. Have a great w/e -

  4. I love feeding the birds and thought I needed to get a bird bath. It took me forever to decide the perfect one to purchase. In the meantime I purchased a large plastic planter saucer and put some stones in it. The birds absolutely loved it and even when I bought the nice official bird bath I had to keep the saucer. I have enjoyed reading out your new house and your travels.

  5. This is so weird. A coworker talked to me this morning about Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. He loved it and said it reminded him of me. Not sure what he meant by that comment (was it the "fat", "sick" or "nearly dead" part?).

    No problem with me getting wet. It won't stop raining here in the Northwest. It's like we're a tropical rain forest...really hating it. :)


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