Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I am Dependable

(picking up on a series I started months ago)

Dependable. As boring as it sounds, yes, I am dependable. People can depend upon me. I am doing a much better job to make sure that they don't do so inappropriately.

This post is also dependably boring. Nothing much shaking around here. It's hot. It will be hot tomorrow. And the day after, and the day after.

I am going to be a little more scarce around these parts. I'm giving up my morning internet time in favor of more productive pursuits in the early hours of the day. I start out with the intention of "checking me email" first thing in the morning, which is stupid, unless I have a whole cadre of friends from the other side of the world furiously sending me important email. Which I decidedly do not. This will be a difficult habit to break, but morning is my best time and I need to spend it in the ways that make me most happy, healthy and productive.

Gym at lunch. Started on the elliptical, but in order to preserve my sanity, I moved to a treadmill to escape two young women discussing the drama of their life (get a blog! don't bore people in 3-D ;-)).

Tonight is some more housework and perhaps a trip to the track in the late evening.

Food has been good. Exercise decent. No big complaints there. A bit of post vacation let down, I suppose, but I will perk up. I am grateful for a good night's sleep last night. A couple more of those and I shall be right as rain.

Netflix: Walking and Talking - indie comedy. Keener is a fav of mine.

Reading: Don't You Forget About Me
- almost done. Not Great Literature, but an okay read.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Strike while the iron is hot.



  1. When I started swimming, I lost my early morning computer time...and you know what? Everything is still there when I finally get to it, a few hours later. Huh.

    Also? When you said you were going to the track, I thought of horse races. Mebbers the heat is affecting me? LOL

  2. Roxie, I just returned from Netflix a movie called 'It's Kind of a Funny Story'. It ended up on my queue without me knowing a thing about it. Have you seen this? I loved it. Seriously. Zach Galifianakis is moving up in my list of great actors (something I thought I'd never write anywhere!) It's about becoming more self-aware and taking care of one's mental health. Funny, too.

    Although Im a huge fan of ZG so there is that dizclaimer, too.

  4. In the heat of summer, I try to get my outdoor "things" out of the way earlier, too. It makes much more sense to do the computer stuff in the afternoon melty hours.


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