Monday, July 18, 2011

Lost In Space

I'm pretty much settled in, here at the Collinwood-Smythe House. I'm still amazed at how well suited this house is for me. I couldn't have built one from scratch that suited my needs any better. My electric bill last month? $70 and my gas bill was $13. Less than The Closet. Of course, my water bill is gonna kick my butt - but I haven't had to do a lot of horrible, manual labor around here to keep things up, either, so it's all time or money. And right now, it will be money in the form of water. And there is a slight chance that I might be awfulizing ;-).

Weekend was nice. I got many small things done. I did the "mowing" and my laundry. I still haven't purchased a dryer - so I'm using the too-small-garage as a clothes drying station. I'll remedy that as soon as it gets to be a PITA to deal with things the other way.

That's the really good stuff. Now for the stuff that didn't make it here or has been lost. Universe, I'd like these things back.

1. My bike water bottle. I had a really nice water bottle for Cha-Cha. I don't know what the hell happened to it. It's gone. I've looked high and low and around here, that's not that many places. Just gone. I supposed it could have fallen out of the cage, but that's highly unlikely.

2. My cuff bracelet. This one is even a greater mystery. I do not wear jewelry that much. Hell, I don't own much jewelry. I have TWO pair of earrings. One that I wear constantly - the pair that my sister calls "The 80's called and it wants it's earrings back" small gold shrimpy loopy things and the pair of crystal earrings that I won when Janell was de-exing that I wear for special. Back to the cuff - now I do love me some cuff bracelets and I do have about three of these, but this one was the bracelet I bought in the best resale shop in the whole world in Princeton, New Jersey. It was such an unusual thing and I had no reason to believe that it wasn't in the jewelry case, until I went to get it to wear the other day. Not there. And I don't have a clue where it went, but I LOVE it and want it back.

Food, exercise and self-care has been very good. Sleep, however, is doing yet another weird thing. So I'm not getting much of it this past week because the queen of nightsweats is now getting COLD at night. I keep bumping up the thermostat and I still keep waking up cold - not clammy cold, just cold. And then it's a wicked bitch to get back to sleep.

This week promises to be a busy one. I have events/meetings every night this week. My next totally free day is Sunday.

Photo: Random photo of a Tshirt I took for Helen back in the spring.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Reclaim your stuff.



  1. If the universe coughs up my light-weight jacket that has been missing since we redid our mud room 6 years ago, please let me know.

  2. I don't think you ever sent me that photo! As soon as I opened your blog and saw it I thought, "I wonder if Roxie remembers that was Pam's saying?" And, this is now the second time today that I've had that put in front of me. So while the Universe has not yet given you back your water bottle or cuff bracelet, I have a strong feeling she's telling me something today!

  3. For me it's my "other sock" that usually goes missing. I find that if I loose something, if I wait and pray about it, it will come to me. Usually. That way I don't need to (though of course me being me I usually do) stress over it.

    Hope they magically reappear. I do believe in miracles! Hope your sleep works itself out. I have been getting a sore shoulder causing me to wake up. Not to mention the weird dreams I am getting lately.

    Have a great day and I love that you love your house so much. Makes me smile.

  4. I think you will find your missing treasures in the future--probably when you least expect it. That's what sometimes happens to me. I loved the photo on a previous post--you on the boat. Wonderful!

  5. Funny weather we are having.
    Must be the humidity.
    When it gets cold - it's like a shock to they system!

  6. How funny, I thought of Helen as soon as I saw that picture. :)

    I hate losing things. And I rarely do - but when it happens, look out. So frustrating - I hope your things turn up soon! Maybe Jimmie Dale is a closet hoarder?


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