Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meanwhile: Trifling Truffles

Walked in the morning. Did the elliptical at lunch. Food was good until the dreaded Office Party. This celebration started out to be healthy - a breakfast yogurt bar. But due to some scheduling conflicts, it changed into an afternoon yogurt parfait/ice cream sundae bar. Cause it's damned hot around here. 87 degrees at 4:18 am. Ain't no way to live. Anyhow, I was doing the prep work - had already accounted for my planned yogurt and berry treat. And as I opened a bag of truffles, Oh my goodness. I wanted to dive in face first and I suppose I did. I ate enough truffles, calorie wise, to be my dinner. And so they were. I did have a small snack later in the evening - some cucumber canapes, but I did keep myself busy and out of the kitchen.

I took myself shopping for a baby gift for a friend and for a "house dress" for me. Something that I can just slip on first thing in the morning and parade around outside before work without alarming the neighbors (and something that looks decent without a bra). I didn't feel like trying it at the store, but I brought it home and it isn't right. Too low cut, so back it goes.

I had a late night visit from Jimmie Dale last night - the first time since my return. I was battening down the hatches when I saw her lying on the front walk. I guess the sidewalk was cool, as I'd been watering the front area. We had a nice little getting to know you again meeting. I took a couple of melatonin and went to bed. Didn't help. Still awake at 3:30 for the second night in a row. Lack of sleep makes maintaining anything close to a normal life an extra challenge.

I'm about ready to put on my walking gear so that I can hit it when it gets light. I will try to get in a workout at lunch and I've got nothing else on tap, at all.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Don't trifle with truffles.



  1. heres to a not exhausted day for both of us.
    perhaps I need to try that?
    although judging by this post perhaps warn milk is just as good :)

  2. I'm on the eastern time zone but I was up around 4-4:30 am ish with hip pain ..both hips hurting like a mother. too much zumba. nothing fun in being up in the middle of the night.

    I thought maybe jimmie d was dissing you for leaving her for vacation. glad she's back

  3. Mmmmmmm truffles...

    I'm feeling for you Texans with your heat. I've been amazed that our daily highs have been your overnight lows!

    I haven't been sleeping this week either - couple hours here and there. I'm overdue for 8 hours straight.

  4. UGH! Not seeping is the worse. I keep having vivid crazy dreams as of late. Making it hard to get a real good night's sleep. Just made the connection between lack of sleep and being cranky.... DUH Dana.

    Glad the kitty is back. I knew she would be. You might not be Jimmie's only watering hole.


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