Thursday, July 14, 2011

Queen of The Mountain! No, Queen of The World!

After leaving the poet's house, we traveled to Cape Breton and spent a glorious afternoon on the grounds at the distillery. We took the tour and had a fabulous dinner out on the patio. We started with the smoked salmon tapas plate, I followed with the spinach salad (with the blue cheese that I'd fallen in love with) and I don't remember what I had as an entree - I think it was the seafood chowder. I do know that I finished with a much-too-large bread pudding. It is that bread pudding you see giggling around in my "Titanic" pose above - in the photo taken the next day.

After a wonderful night in one of the distillery's chalets, we left for a scenic trip to the Bras d'Or Lake region. We arrived in Baddeck just in time for a wonderful lunch of yet another spinach salad and steamed mussels. We had enough time to tour the Alexander Graham Bell museum before our sailing excursion was set to begin. As far as beauty goes, this was probably the most gorgeous place that we saw. The weather was beautiful and Baddeck is a lovely, lakeside town.

Our sailing vessel
was beautiful and the tour was very, very interesting. Very laid back and calm. That is really how I would describe the entire vacation - laid-back and calm. Truly wonderful.

Next stop: Antigonish and The Piper

Meanwhile, I just returned from the best non-bike workout I've had in ages. I just hadn't felt much like pushing myself and that wasn't my intention today, either. But I happened across the Tour and ended up climbing the mountains with the cyclists. I was on the elliptical and didn't realize that I was trying to keep pace until I looked down and saw my heart rate! After I conquered the Pyrenees, I switched over to some VH1 Classic and finished with some rocking Mellencamp.

I'm still not in set-it-and-forget-mode with food yet, but it does appeared to be worse at certain times of the day. First challenge is around 10:30-11:00 am when I'm already thinking about my lunch. Truthfully, that's why I haven't been as faithful about going to the gym is that I wanted to stay at my desk and eat my lunch rather than waiting until returning from the gym at 1! The second time is about 3:30-5:00. Not much to do about this, as I am not good at "holding" snacks until this time. I will just eat them at lunch. My solution for the near future is to try to schedule my actual meetings in these timeslots, when I have an opportunity. Why not let my hectic meeting schedule work FOR me?

I've got a meeting tonight and I do need to do a bit of housework, plus watering, off course. Nothing else on tap for the next few days. Trying to decide if I need to change it, or just wait to see what happens.

Recently watched Netflix: Brief Interviews With Hideous Men 2.75 stars, however I choose not to be so cynical about men, or even humans, in general

Currently reading: Water for Elephants On page 292. I don't love it as much as those who recommended it to me.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be the Queen of your own world.



  1. All I saw was your smile and the beauty all around you!
    Giggling bits? What giggling bits?
    Soooo glad you had a great time!
    I've always wanted to go there, too.
    All the Kilts and Bagpipes.

  2. Beautiful photo!

    I find myself really pushing on the Tour cyclists. I feel for them in the mountains!

  3. I just read through your travelogue since you started it. Not sure how I missed them, but I'm up to speed now!

    What a fantastic vacation. Your photos and descriptions really make me want to go back and see stuff I missed there. We did sea kayaking one day where the fog was so thick we almost couldn't see each was amazing and a huge family memory.

    It's great that you even had some clean eating days on vacay when you felt things sliding!

  4. I love this photo! I want to stand in that exact spot and have that exact smile on my face. (Wearing that exact outfit would also be nice.:))

    Thank you for sharing your trip!

  5. How funny that the Tour got your heart rate up! Great idea, actually, for pushing yourself w/o realizing it while on a machine. :)

    I wasn't super enthralled with Water For Elephants, either.

  6. What a fantastic photo of you! Makes me want to do that even though my sensible self knows I probably would never what with the motion sickness issue I have. So glad you did though.


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