Saturday, July 16, 2011

Slow Ride

Photo is of St. Paul's Something Church in Sackville, New Brunswick. Beautiful, beautiful college town.

Back in from a short and frustrating ride. I was probably dehydrated a bit to start, had no legs and Cha-Cha has a low tire and sounds like Fred Sanford's truck these days. It's time for some Zen and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance, I think. I have found a LBS that I like, so I think after I get home from a meeting, I'll load her up and get her tuned up. I may, just may, talk to them a bit about a couple of things - an upgrade - although I am not in the market yet. I just haven't reestablished my habit enough to justify a new bike. And secondly, I think it may time to try to find a bike club where I would fit in. Talia is in the process of moving her 85+ year old parents to her property to better care for them, so our riding time will be cut even further. I just need to get some more accountability for exercise.

A did do a scary thing this morning - I rode over the bridge that crosses the freeway! I decided to take a chance on the high-traffic short-cut from the trail to my house - figuring that early one Saturday morning would be a lot safer than a weekday. It would be this path that I would take if ever I chose to ride to work. And it was an informative route. I did find some ways to snake through all but one of the worst/perceived least safe riding areas, so it is doable. And on my way back, I saw a cyclist headed the other way, and I've seen them before, so I assume most make this shortcut.

Also on tap for today, returning some clothes I purchased at Ross' the other night. I'm still on the hunt for an appropriate "house dress" and made another purchse, but it is both "too much" and "not enough". So back it goes. I also bought a really nice skirt/suit set, but when I put it on, it looked way too "Mother of The Groom", so back it goes. I bought another work-appropriate pants suit, but I don't like how the fabric feels, so back it goes. I am keeping one work pants suit that will go three season around here - but it was a battle. As Shelley mentioned in her recent post, fat fashion phobias die hard.

The jacket has a lot of detail - think military/jungle fatigue look - four patch pockets - 2 up and 2 lower. Too much detail violates the "simple is slimming" rule that I've harbored for so long. And while "simple IS slimming", it isn't a requirement. So I am keeping this one, as I only have one other real work suit, and it's my "funeral" suit.

Better get cracking, now that my plans have changed. I may try to find some time to hit the outdoor pool at the gym today. Or not.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Take care of your maintenance.



  1. Your bicycle posts are keeping me inspired to learn how to ride. I was supposed to be doing just that this weekend but my husband was called to work and it did happen to be 95 degrees out today, so it was a wash. Glad you got some time in on the bike.
    I hate taking things back to the store. And I hate trying things on just as much. I don't buy clothes much, as you can tell.

  2. I would dearly LOVE to get my bike out (dust 'er off/oil 'er up), but it's been so dad-blamed HOT!

    Just another excuse, I know...


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