Friday, August 26, 2011

Almost Famous

While I didn't get to complete the whole project yesterday due to my friend's illness, turns out I still made the news. I've been greeted many times this morning with "Hey, I saw you dancing on the news this morning." I shudder to think of what the clip looks like and I can't seem to find a replay of it online - which is probably good. I don't know if it will replay on the local NBC affiliate's evening news cast.


  1. Oh, yeah, I remember that Elaine dance. What a spectacle.

  2. Heehee - I am an Elaine type of dancer. Doesn't stop me, though!

    Hope you find a clip :D

  3. The Elaine dance makes me laugh every time. Poor thing looks like she's having a mild seizure.

    If you find your clip on the internet let us know. I'd love to take a look at it.

  4. I once went dancing.... danced all out...
    About 5 minutes worth!
    Had some nurse friends video it!
    Turns out the camera was off.
    Or so they said.
    I guess they didn't want to Drag Queens to get jealous of me (lol)


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