Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Be The Change

For nearly ever, I've been griping about the "food pushers" in my office and having to run the baked-goods-gauntlet just to get a cuppa joe in the morning. This morning on my way to work, I was thunderstruck with an idea - what if I changed things? What if I brought in fresh fruit each week for the communal area? Could I evoke a change in the culture? Would people make healthier choices if that choice was easily available? Would they choose an apple rather than an apple fritter? Can I start a trend?

I am not trying to be the food police at the office. However, of the 17 or so of us in this division, I am probably in a three-way tie for "most healthy". So I'm committed to bringing in a few dollars worth of fresh fruit or perhaps some chopped vegetables to share each and every week until the end of the year. I wonder if it will make a difference?

Watch this space.


  1. Gosh Roxie i think that is a fabulous idea! I hope you do it! And i hope other people chip in and do the same thing. Be the change....you are so right.Hugs! deb

  2. It's a great idea Roxie,I'll try not to burst your bubble when I say you might go broke lol. I tried it a few years back and found a bowl of fruit kept stocked was EXPENSIVE. Maybe the veggie idea though would work and be cheaper for ya. Good luck with it.

  3. Oh, I don't know that I'll keep it stocked every day. I'm just thinking that I'll spend a few bucks once a week to fill up the fruit bowl. This morning it was eight dollars - cheaper than donuts!

  4. It will interesting to see what goes 1st the fruit or the donuts.

    Great idea!

  5. I'm interested to see how this goes over - and if you can be the change...nice gesture. :)

  6. Great idea. And maybe others will start to toss a fresh bunch of bananas or grapes or whatever in so it doesn't fall on you. Not to mention you put me in mind of that great notion of being the change...

  7. 3 pm Update - Here's what has been eaten so far:

    2 pounds of plums
    4 bananas
    2 gala apples
    2 pears

    What's left? 2 apples and 3 oranges

  8. Great idea. My cubicle is about three feet from the food table, or make that candy table. Since I work with all very thin, younger people that eat a lot of candy, I wonder if they'd chose fruit over candy. I'm guessing probably not since they can eat whatever they want and not gain weight. I hate them all! :)

  9. Your early results tell quite a story! It's good too in that while you're not really trying to force change on others, you are making better options available for yourself. If others want to tag along, fine. Great choice!


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