Monday, August 1, 2011

The Chicken Chronicles

It was my crazy-assed sister who left me the chicken-to-be-named-later. I'd passed on that internet post to her when it first came out and since then, we'd been quoting lines to each other - completely out of context and in strange places and would just crack ourselves right up!

It's amazing how many times "That chicken will cut you" can result in peals of laughter.

So when I saw the chicken, I knew from whence it came. It's a damned wonder someone didn't call the cops on her - she and my 74 year old mother were hiding in.the.bushes - at ten o'clock at night! You know, there is a lot of insane in my family and sometimes, it's just fun as hell. And to Shelley, no, it is not my Mom's chicken, Mariah. Mariah is exactly like Beyonce. My chicken is of a much smaller (oh, thank god) variety. But she desperately needs a name.

Any suggestions?

My August is getting off to a smiley start - because really - how could you not smile everytime you look out into the yard and there is The Nameless Chicken and there are NO.SNAKES!

Got a lot done yesterday - felt good and productive - but still no appreciable exercising, except for the yard work. Food was decent - although some brownies got me late in the day. I need to change my habit of doing my grocery shopping on Sunday evening. Due to my schedule, I'm always hungry - and while it is more efficient to shop while I'm already out - it's isn't the best for me - so that schedule needs to change.

My BBM challenge today is to rate my personality. I've got personality +. It runs in the family.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Smile. Right Now.



  1. Done! I am smiling right now! No chicken names come to mind. Your yard is lovely.

    Shopping hungry is never a good thing.

  2. Love your chicken - somehow it seems perfect for you!

    I cannot think of a name but can't wait to here what it ends up being.

  3. Smiling!!

    I LOVE your chicken! Her name should be Sheila. Or Beulah. That's a 'vintage' name for her!

    There are some 15' tall blue chickens out here in Parker County that I have been wanty about for a very long time. My family refuses to acknowledge this desire and have forbidden me to contact the artist and commission a pair for the front yard.

    Silly Family.

  4. I am LOVING that chicken. I mean I love it so much that I must have one. It's adorable and a bad ass.

    Cluck Gable?

  5. She told me her name is Estelle, and she's not taking crap off anyone.

  6. Love her! Is she a Greta? Marilyn? Bette? Something classic, I'm thinking...

    And Yaay for good family times!

  7. This post is making me crack up just as much as the original one at The Blogess...I love that your mom was hiding in the bushes!!

    As for a name? How about Alice?

  8. Love the hijinks - now that is what makes you appreciate your family, right?!? KKMF has been a frequent saying between Jeff and I ever since the original post. Love your chicken (and am so jealous!) - she's beautiful. Oh, and I think Leslie has her pegged perfectly.

  9. I'm still in the dark about the 'chicken thing..' i tried that link you left twice and both times it froze my computer...?? Anyway so i'm not in on the joke..... :( But i will say thats one handsome chicken you got there! :) How about MR. Clucksalot...oh gee thats really I better let you come up with it. Hugs! deb

  10. Your family is a hoot! I can just see them hiding in the bushes :)

    I agree with Leslie's choice, but shorten it to Stella.

    My other choice was Clotilde, it's an old German name meaning "famous warrior".

  11. Funny!

    How about the cluckinator? Cause it's metal and has attitude.

  12. How on earth could I have missed this? I had to read the original 5 ft. chicken story to my husband and we haven't had a laugh like that in a long time, mostly because this is exactly the kind of thing we would do (in fact, the first thing he said was, 'Why can't WE find chickens like that?!') Second, you lucky girl - you already have a chicken gracing your backyard, and he is quite a fancy one, isn't he?
    I'd name him Cockamaimie.

  13. I like the 'ol southern woman' type names. A strong woman wiping her hands on her apron after doing a sink full of dishes and then sips ice tea from the porch swing as she waits for her biscuits to be ready to come out of the oven. She has a classic name like Beulah, Betty, Miss Ann, and then Glory ( as in 'Gone to' ) came to mind. I nixed my first idea of Kentucky.

  14. Love this story - I'm always worried that one of my parent's real chickens will visit my studio!

    I like traditional names for chickens... Like Bessie.


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