Friday, August 26, 2011

Crazy From The Heat

Yesterday didn't turn out like I'd planned - most days don't. While practicing for the recording of the dance thingy yesterday, my dear friend and colleague collapsed from the heat. Consequently, I spent the rest of the afternoon with her, the paramedics and then getting her safely home. Quite scary.

I heard from her later in the evening and she was fine, so I am hopeful today has her feeling back up to snuff.

I don't have much on tap for this weekend - just the usual meetings and chores. Nothing particularly outstanding on the horizon, but that's okay. If I can spend another morning like this one, having coffee in the garden with Jimmie Dale Gilmore, it makes for a spectacular day.

Saturday morning I am going to help install a community fall garden and then come home and work in my own yard, depending upon the time and the heat index. I may have to put that off until Sunday and find another way to exercise in the cool if I can't ride my bike on Sunday morning. Finding ways to ration the cool of the morning is becoming difficult.

We also start water rationing here on Monday. Our drought conditions are severe. I don't know how that will work for me - I don't know that I can keep my place watered in the allotted time on the allowed days - two days a week. Handwatering is allowed. I've never been through this, so we'll see. I think my days are Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Looks like I have a first cousin and his teenaged daughter coming to stay one night with me next week on their trip through Texas. That should be fun - I haven't spent that much time with him, but what time I have has been a barrel of laughs. He's a WA cousin, so he just might croak from the heat.

I'm off to get in a walk this morning.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Keep Your Cool.



  1. You are doing good things for other people, Roxie. You have a kind heart and a giving soul. Have a great gardening weekend!

  2. Don't know how you manage the heat. I'd gladly trade it for a foot or two of snow. One week in the 90's up here and we're all melting and wishing it was January.

  3. Such sad news regarding your friend. Thank goodness she's OK. Sounds like something that would happen to me - I cannot tolerate the heat like I used to. You all are pretty tough down there. Have a great weekend, Roxie. Stay cool.

  4. Even my CrossFit gym has A/C going full-blast...
    Lazy me - I never took the bike off the trainer this year. Turns out - that's ok! Now I can still ride inside!
    The freaking heat here is real! Real dang hot!
    WalMart walking is also good - especially if you need to go to the store, anyways!

  5. I don't wish you a hurricane but I sure wish I could send some of Irene's anticipated rain your way!

  6. Your poor friend! Glad she's ok.

    Sad that the window of coolness (well, relative coolness, anyway) is so small these days. October is coming - ahhh, lovely, lovely October. The most perfect month to live in Texas. :)

  7. Atlanta had a bad drought a year or so ago..I put buckets in the shower to catch the water as it"warmed " up and used that for watering the garden. But then I only have a few pots.


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