Friday, August 5, 2011


It's been a crazy week here at the Collinwood-Smythe House. First off, I was poking around in the fridge like you do and I managed to knock out the deli tray unto the tile floor. Who knew plastic would crack like that? It somehow hit on the corner and knocked a hole in BOTH of the front corners of the clear plastic tray! I'm sure there was some sort of physics involved. The fall also chipped off about half of the lip that serves as the handle. Okay, so no problem I thought - I'll just replace it. It is my goal to not get behind on repairs and replacements around here. Given my tendency to get overwhelmed by things, it serves me best to address each thing as soon as possible. And luckily for me, The Gardner left me wonderful files, including all the information (sales receipt/owner's manual) so I just thought I'd order a replacement. Called the numbers, poked around on the internet and HOLY MOLY - the deli tray is right at a hundred bucks! The whole fridge only cost around 600! I've got a search in on ebay to see if a used one comes up for sale. I'd appreciate any other ideas if you got 'em.

Second weird damage is to MalibuKen. I guess he's going crazy from the heat! I cannot imagine what the interior temps get to in the car. I try to use window screens and crack the windows a bit - but it's the craziest thing - the paint has started to come off of the forward button on the radio. And yes, I'm a button pusher, but I don't think I have actually worn the paint off in less that two years! So now MalibuKen has a bright lime green spot on his dashboard! Plus, his key fob has failed. I went in and had the batteries replaced, but I think the fob is finished. I switched to be the backup fob, but I need to get him to the dealership to see what can be done about the radio - now that is something I look at everytime I crawl in the car. I want to preserve that "new car" vibe for as long as possible.

Now for non-damages. I had a great day yesterday at the workshop. Luckily, they had food that allowed me to make a chicken fajita salad and I had coffee for dessert instead of the choice of chocolate cake or cheesecake. And to make it even better, I knew myself well enough to know that if I came home after the workshop, I would not get any exercise in for the day. So I went back to work and then I went to the gym. So I earned another TEN!

I didn't have the opportunity to spend it - after the gym, I had a meeting to go to and by then I was STARVING! Came home and ate dinner and it was just too hot to get back out. I kept thinking I'd wait until it cooled down some more, but who the hell am I kidding - that will be December! So I futzed around the house, cleaning, mopping and straightening up.

So now, I've got some dollars in the incentive fund - I think I've got twenty or maybe even thirty - I've sort of lost count. I do know that if all else fails in the search for the Housedress, there is a terrycloth romper/coverup dress thing at Walgreen's for 7.99!

There is another item on my to buy list (I actually keep a list of things that I want or need to buy) and that is a purse. While I love the functionality of the purse I bought as a travel purse, it was a cheapy and it's looking pretty ragged. So now my list includes a strapless, a purse and a housedress.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Survey the damages.



  1. That heat you're having is not good for living things or inanimate objects! Last night I looked at our forecast high/lows for the next 7 days and then looked at yours. Your lows are either equal to or even a bit higher than our highs. Crazy!

  2. Hi Roxie,

    From what i hear blame it all on La Nina and theres a second La Nina coming. We could not see any relief until 2012. Crazy.

    I read your last post and i'm with you there. I don't want my physical limitations to hold me back from anything i want to do. That was a great motivator for me. If an opportunity comes around i want to be able to take advantage of it.

    I know exactly what you mean not being able to find anybody to do anything with you. Not an adventuraous one in the lot. How do we get surrounded by people like that>??? Oh maybe because at one time we were like that? I don't know.

    I think when i get to CA i'd like to put getting to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite on my list. :)Live your best life girlfriend!

  3. My Explorer has been parked at the airport for the last two weeks and I'm hoping that the rearview mirror hasn't fallen off in this heat - I know Jeff cracked the windows, but still. This is wicked! Poor Malibu Ken - hope he gets back to new soon.

    And that's an insane price for the fridge drawer! Hope you find one for a more reasonable amount.

  4. I totally do best when I deal with things immediately too - if not, then I worry about them and I know that they bring me down! Good luck with the replacement!


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