Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Incentive Plan

It's no big secret that I've been struggling with motivation. I have fallen prey to any baked good within a 60 foot radius. My willingness and desire to exercise has left me. So what to do? Well, I've devised a temporary incentive program. And there's no waiting until the end of the week, month, whatever. I need a good DAY ONE followed by a DAY TWO and a DAY THREE. If I can string together three good days, then historically, I ride that wave of feeling in the "zone" when motivation, energy and enthusiasm all combine into the perfect storm of flat-bellied tranquility. But I've been struggling putting together even a couple of days.

So my plan is Money. Filthy Lucre. Each day. $10. Ten bucks to spend on whatever I want for each day that I stay on the Program of my understanding. And for the 24 hours that ended at 5pm yesterday, I had an on program day, so I went back and got my hair styled at the beauty school. Eight bucks.

The reward is almost immediate - the gratification almost instant - I'm using that need/want for instant gratification to jump start me. And yes, it is a bit self-indulgent (but I don't really expect that I will feel the need to spend the $$$ after a few days) but there is an added bonus of choosing to spend the money right after work - less time at home in the evening to snack around! Brilliant, I tell you, Brilliant. Ah, well, time will tell.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. One Day At A Time.



  1. hmmm
    I like that.
    Im struggling with motivation in one realm of my life and the thought of a reward (kindlebookwhatwhat?) might be just what I need.


  2. So glad you found something to motivate yourself. I never know why it is that sometimes I have motivation and others not. Wish I knew what switches it off and on. I so agree with stringing together days. Love how momentum builds. And if the day is hard... just string together the hours, or each bite. I'm rooting for you:)

  3. Brilliant, indeed! Whatever works is what works - have a great day, and I can't wait to hear what you spent your $10 on for today. :)

  4. Good plan! Will you send me $10 for every on plan day I get?!

    Whatever it takes to build that momentum back in is a winner, and sounds like you found it.

  5. Whatever it takes, right?

    But holy moly that is a great idea! Instant gratification with something other than food. I'm going to have to ponder stealing it.

  6. You really are brilliant, my Friend! It's no news to me. Here's to that carrot.

  7. Aaah Roxie life's a rollercoaster. LOL! Sometimes you got IT and sometimes you don't. You just try to weather out the storm. Your gonna be fine of that there is not doubt.

    I'd have to agree $$$ would be a great motivator. :) My mojo is all over the board. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Getting out the front door is half the battle. Hugs! deb

  8. I love this idea! I think instant gratification rocks, and I've been needing a boost for my fitness routine - I've just been finding it so boring! I'm definitely going to give this a try!

  9. Great idea, but you should spend $12 tomorrow since you save $2 on the haircut!

  10. I think that is brilliant! I love that you're finding ways around your slump rather than just waiting for the motivation to come back all by itself too!

  11. I like this plan! Sounds like a wonderful idea. Plus, you kind of have a hard time spending money anyway, so this is kind of killing two birds with one stone. You get a reward for staying on your plan, and you let loose of a few dollars. You're right. YOU ARE BRILLIANT!


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