Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joy For Beginners

The jet ski trip did not work out. The company inexplicably cancelled my reservation and failed to return numerous texts, emails and phone calls. I finally heard from someone late yesterday afternoon with a promise that the manager would call me last night. No call came. So while I was disappointed, I had to look at it as just not in the cards for me, for whatever reason. So I was given a day to do with exactly as I pleased.

The trouble is, I sometimes have trouble knowing "exactly as I please". I thought of a hundred different things to do, places to go and couldn't decide. The question that I finally asked myself is (shamefully) this "What would I want to do if I wasn't worried about telling people what I did?" Phrased another way, "Which is more important to me - what I did or what I get to tell people I did?" How's that for deflating the big head?

Turns out, what I really wanted to do was to have some water and some sun - so I donned a make-shift bikini in my very, very private backyard and I played in the sprinklers. I gardened under the sprinklers. I sat up my CVS-special lounge chair and I read between forays into the water. I read Joy For Beginners, which was a fast, easy and earthy read. It certainly fit my frame of mind. I got quite a bit of weeding and trimming done and got kissed by the sun in the process.

After Waterworld, I got cleaned up and headed over to the Kimbell to see the most recent exhibit before it closed. As usual, I enjoyed the permanent collection and the space itself more than the traveling exhibition. Still, it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

After that, I did a bit more shopping. I bought a new pair of shoes - I'd noticed that my black strappy wedge sandals had given up the ghost. I wore them a lot and with some linen bits, they had gotten worn and very dirty. I didn't actually pick them out - Pebbles bought them for herself, oh, five years ago, I suspect - and for whatever reason, convinced me to buy them off of her. I couldn't find an exact replacement, obviously, but I did find this year's Kenneth Cole (or it was DSW, so perhaps last year's) black strappy wedge sandal for about half the price I paid Pebbles for these, so I'm happy. I also need a replacement for the most comfortable heels in the world that are worn beyond repair - a pair of Hush Puppies (I know, but they look good - but alas, no replacement for them as of yet - they are a dull pewter color, which makes a lovely neutral. The new neutral on all the shelves appears to be a puece-y beige in patent leather. Yuckaroo. Oh well, some replacements will show up.

Tonight is GNO at a new place that opened up. We are celebrating a retirement and a birthday. I hope the new place is decent - this was my month to choose the venue.

Food and exercise was good yesterday, although I did have to have nuts for dinner! I stopped into a place that sells all sorts of Texas-centric food stuffs to get some munchies to smuggle into the bar tonight, and I fell for some nuts. It was witching hour and I was too hungry and I ate too many of them, so that just had to be my dinner. About 8 o'clock, I was cursing the decision to even stop at the store! Ah, well.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Roll with it.



  1. And nuts for dinner. Ye olde standby!
    Maybe that's why they call them "Nuts!"
    Gotta luv that!

  2. I love that you made your back yard over into Waterworld! Just a lovely, lovely day off!

  3. Gardening under the sprinklers. I love it. What a way to get what you REALLY wanted: sunshine and water. You've got a great attitude.

  4. Even without the jet ski adventure, it sounds like you had a very nice day off...and hey, any day that includes finding a pair of shoes is aces in my book!

  5. That book sounds right up my alley. Hoping to get at the library. Have a good GNO - they are the best!

  6. I have been having a nutty time myself. I have been on a cashew kick. The scales are telling me to cool it.

    Love that you played in the sprinklers in your own backyard. I am going to have to check out the book.

    Gonna try to roll with it myself today! New mantra!

  7. oooh nuts and losing myself in a great book is INDEED my definition of a perfect day.


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