Monday, August 29, 2011

Smile Starters

Here's what's making me smile today:

1. Hearing Jimmie Dale Gilmore calling to me this morning when I went into the garden.

2. My new jeans - dark rinsed, trouser style.

3. Talking to Strangers - I was having sushi at a crowded restaurant and invited a couple to join me, as all other seating options were full. We had a nice conversation and it's wasn't nearly as weird or uncomfortable as it sounds.

4. My amazing house and her fabulous electric bill - second month running!

5. Practicing loving-kindness meditations.

6. Running into the President of my company at the carwash and speaking to him. (No longer pretending I'm invisible is HUGE for me).

7. Being the "Fruit Fairy".

8. Sushi - even though the soy sauce gave me a sodium bounce today.

9. FInishing The Help - cried some, actually. Now to see the movie

10. Anticipating Fannie Flagg's new book.

11. Dinner invitation with friends this evening.

What's bringing your smile today?

Food has been good. Exercise could be better, but I've been busy doing yardwork/chores, so I'm counting it.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Look for reasons to smile.



  1. I had a great workout this morning, which made me smile.

    I've invited people to share a table with me before, and I enjoyed it immensely. I don't enjoy someone just plopping down at my table uninvited. That's happened twice in the last month, both times in an uncrowded coffee shop and by folks I'd really rather not be in the same building with, much less at the same table.

  2. I just saw the movie version yesterday... balled. I never know if I'm really THAT emotional or was I just on the "depression" from the 2 alcohol drinks I had the night before? "It really is a depressent you know..." Either way I had fun on Saturday night and fun at the movies, even with the tears. Oh and I LOVE my local theater; in the older mall, all movies $7, near the senior village... so lot's of white heads (barely) poking above the seats and lot's of couples saying things like, "WHAT'D THEY SAY and I DON'T KNOW.." (all caps = shouting) LOVE IT!!

  3. My husband gave me flowers. My favorite color, even. I had not expected it even though our anniversary is tomorrow because, as I shared today, I am more pragmatic than romantic and that means too cheap for flowers that quickly die! But this was the first time he'd done it in years and it was nice.

  4. see? and I thought I was on top of everything and didnt know FF had a new book coming out!!

  5. Fannie Flagg is so great! Just good wholesome entertainment, with an uplifting message thrown in there. I read The Help a while ago. I was not disappointed with the movie.

    I copied you last night. I have my smile list. Not half as adventurous as yours. But it made me smile.

    Have a good day.

  6. Getting my power back after 3 days without it due to Hurricane Irene yet I enjoyed the quiet time without power too.

  7. Some of my friends who are going on their 4th day of no electricity received their bills yesterday. It made them laugh, hysterically. I told them at least it will be a low wattage month.

    You may not love The Help movie as much as you love the book but I did - yet in a sort of different way. They did a great job adapting it!

  8. I swear that picture is exactly what my new son looks like after feeding!

  9. I l.o.v.e number six - I'm working on that one, too. I find that I have to change everything about me in order to keep from feeling invisible. When I don't want to be seen, I keep my eyes down, walk faster and don't stand up tall and straight. Describing myself that way makes me now think that it's not that I'm invisible, but crazy-looking! lol
    At any rate, between that and you inviting other diners to your table, Roxie, you are crushing the heck out of your fears. Bravo!!
    ...oh, and The Help!! It was one of those special books that I didn't really want to finish. I just wanted it to linger on so I could keep reading it. Haven't seen the movie but hear it's pretty true to the book. Let me know what you think of it.

  10. Tell me more about those new jeans that are making you smile.


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