Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To Ski Or Not To Ski

I don't know if today's planned adventure is going to happen. I appear to be off of the schedule - my appointment shows up as cancelled and I have been unable to get a response from the company to phone calls, texts or emails. So, I don't know what's up with that - it could be just a miscommunication, as the scheduling calendar was unclear and I did cancel the reservation that I'd accidently made on a lake 50 miles from here. I am hopeful that dawnserly light will bring a resolution. If I don't ski today, well, it's because I wasn't supposed to and I'll have to just let it go at that. I have already taken the day off of work, so I can treat myself in other ways, I suppose. Or I could do chores. Or something. Whatever it is, it will be wonderful.

I'm still trying to figure out a workable solution for a recycling bin(s) in the Tiniest Kitchen In the World. I've got a new strategy in place this week, so we'll see how it works.

Food, exercise, productivity and self-care were all good yesterday and I have a full day of opportunity for it all to be good today. After some consideration and a Homer-like slap upside the head, it has occurred to me that I can keep Cha-Cha for my off-road riding with Talia on our favorite trails AND I can buy a road bike. I'm allowed to have more than one, especially since I already own one of them. Doh! I've been running into more and more road bike cyclists and I think that I would enjoy some more group riding and activities. Having some accountability would do me good. So, if you ride a road bike, what do you ride? Do you like it? Tell me about how one measures for a bike? Can any LBS perform that feat adequately?

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Create A Splash.



  1. Oh Roxie i hope you get to jet ski. I've always wanted to do that. But the opportunity has not come up yet. Where do you find these groupons??

    I have a mountain bike. I'am torn between getting a hybrid like say Lori's (Finding Radiance) Fuji brand or an actual road bike. I can't wait to see what reccommendations you get.Hugs! deb

  2. Well, I wish I had some information for you, but as a 'still' non-bike rider all I can offer is support. Hope your day off was a complete and utter joy, whatever you ended up doing :)

  3. I currently have a hybrid bike, but I've been riding on some county roads (paved) and would like a road bike. I also think that when I retire I would like to do some bike touring so now I'm wondering if I need a road bike or a touring bike, and how different are the two. Sorry, to introduce questions instead of solutions. We have multiple bike shops here in Columbia, MO and I have found all of them to be extremely helpful, friendly, not pushy. The bike shop employees are completely into cycling and want to get everyone involved. I hope you find the same thing in your city. Keep us informed what you decide upon.

  4. Im a nonbike rider living in the land of the Lance (armstrong :)).

    For me it's all a fear of the traffic--so I should probably give it a try OFF ROAD?

    I await what you decide and did (yesterday).


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