Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Started It All: That First Adventure

With both Shelley and Ellen kayaking recently, I was reminded of the adventure that started it all for me. I went here and did this.

I had a trip scheduled back to my 20th reunion in the summer of 1999. It was this trip that prompted my final journey to dropping a lot of weight. I began this journey December 17, 1998 at 257. Sometime in the early spring, I ran across these kayak adventures. I wanted to go. No one in my family wanted to go with me. Everyone seemed to poke a lot of fun at my desire to go do this. But I really, really did. And so I started "working out" just a little bit. I went to the gym with some regularity and worked on my upper body strength. I was scared to do this. I had visions of drowning in the stupid thing. Eskimo rolls of death.

When I got to Washington, I tried to recruit the folks there to go with me. No one was interested. Again with the laughing. But I perservered. I went to join this outing as a solo traveler. And what a blessing that turned out to be - I got to paddle with one of the guides! It was an AMAZING experience. I can't seem to put my hand on what few pictures I have of the adventure, but the pictures depicted on the webpage are very true to what I saw. It was an amazing, amazing experience. Both peaceful and exhilerating at the same time. To be able to feel the water being displaced under the kayak as an orca swam under? There is no feeling like it.

It was that experience that started my quest - mostly to be able to DO things as opposed to look a certain way. I am still motivated more by doing an activity that I love doing.

Thanks, ladies, for reminding just how cool kayaking can be!

I did not spend my $10 tonight. I tried, but couldn't find a "housedress" that would work for me for any price. Stein Mart was having a great sale - and I carted around a couple of adorable jackets, but ended up putting them back. So I did get some benefit - I killed some time window shopping. I've got a couple other places in mind to look. Maybe by tomorrow I'll have another day's worth of moolah! I'm looking forward to venturing back into strapless bra territory.

I've had a horrible history with the straplesses. Mostly they ended up as belts. Pebbles tells me the technology has improved. We shall see.

There are some great suggestions for Chicken Names. Tallulah is a personal favorite - Willis child aside. I almost chose that as my net de plume, but didn't. I do think that it needs to be preserved for something really special, however. I'm loving the Shakira, too. The decision will make itself known.

Official temperature yesterday? 111. OMFG - too damned hot. We've now got an office pool going on when we think the streak will end. I foresee the summer of 1980's 42 days going down in flames - or up in flames.

Today promises to be a very stressful day. Lunch will be out of my control at a workshop, so I will have to make extra efforts to continue the streak.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. What adventure speaks to you?



  1. I was remembering 1980 today, too. We topped our Aug 3 record from back then. Ugh.

    I want to go kayaking. I'm also *considering* signing up to rapel off the side of an office building. Oddly, what's holding me back mostly is that it's late this month, and I'm thinking the heat coming off the side of that building is going to be monstrous. And then, of course, the idea of plummeting to my death. :)

    I like Tallulah. Also, today I saw Paula Deen on tv and for some reason, I thought of your chicken. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your story about going kayaking. I've wanted to do that for a long time and of course, my size holds me back, but also, no one wants to go kayaking and they all think I'm nuts for wanting to.

    I like the idea of making this my goal instead of how I might look when the weight is lost. I'm 54 now and need to get this party started!

    Oh, and yesterday I tried to leave a post but couldn't. I wanted to suggest Chaka Khan for le chick's name :)

  3. You guys are definitely overdue for some heat relief!

    A couple of trips ago we kayaked in St. Martin in the Grand Case Bay. It was a double kayak and Mr. Helen and I toodled around for about an hour. I loved it and we try to do it every time we go now.

    I too am having a refresher course in doing as opposed to looking or weighing. I'm hoping this new attitude will help me to just be at peace.

  4. I am rather well-endowed in the breast department and never thought I'd be able to wear a strapless bra. The trick is to make sure you get your REAL size, which is probably larger in the cup than you think, and smaller in the band. I wrote a whole article about how to be properly fitted and it's ALL about physics. So once I knew my proper size, I put on a strapless bra in that size and was able to jump up and down and swing my arms all around and that baby stayed right in place.

  5. We did the San Juan Island's kayak trip 22 years ago! I LOVED it. It was our one-year anniversary and we wanted to do something special.

    I remember I weight 160 pounds and my big fat butt wouldn't barely fit into that kayak seat. I thought I was so fat! I wish I was 160 now!

    Still, it was one of the best trips of my life. I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

  6. Brava to you for taking on the kayak trip solo!!! Although the thought of a whale swimming below scares me (might sting more than a jellyfish, lol), I'm intrigued by that particular adventure.

    Lemme know how the strapless bra hunt goes. I have my doubts - but that is based on a couple of bad experiences from high school, so yeah, maybe they have made some improvements. Expensive belt, though. ;)

  7. Well, I remember my first official summer in Dallas, the summer of 2000. I think it was like 46 days of 100+, added with something like 99+ days of NO rain. Ugh. I do NOT miss that at all. I do feel for you all though, as that is just something you never forget. Painful and very annoying. You just NEVER want to be outside. You go from A/C house, to A/C car to A/C anywhere..!!


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