Monday, September 12, 2011

Field of Dreams

Had a blast, albeit a hot one, at the race. I'd never been out to that particular state park. Everything is so hot and so dry that we are under extreme drought conditions, so the normal parking area for this race couldn't be used. We had to park quite a ways away and schlep our stuff in to watch Slater race. Luckily for Pebbles and me, I just happened to have two umbrellas in the car so we played "group tour leaders". We looked stupid, but the little bit of shade was worth it.

Slater was disappointed in his performance, but he came back alive, so I was impressed. He was, however, bleeding, bloodied and scratched all to pieces - not to mention red-faced and wheezing. I asked him if he had fun and he said "No, but I can't wait to do it again". Next time, I'll do a little research myself and take my hiking/walking shoes and get a little exercise for my sweat.

And my new camera in my fancy-pants phone just sucks. I don't know if there is a setting or something that I need to change. But compare the above picture quality with the picture below, taken with Pebbles' camera:

I ran into the local university's head football coach at the gas station on Sunday morning. And I spoke (I do not know him, I just know who he is) and said "Good morning, Coach. Congratulations on the win yesterday". He responded with "Thanks". As he walked into the store for his Sunday morning Big Gulp (I don't know what he bought), I just sat in my car and laughed and said to myself "Roxie, I don't know who you are anymore". In my past, I would have never spoken. And I did it yesterday as if it was as natural as breathing, and it really was. I just did it. I didn't think about it. I'll take my progress in whatever manner it comes.

I haven't had any formal exercise, but I've been busy and my food has been good. It's been cool enough to really enjoy time in the garden, cleaning up a bit for fall and feeding the Big Green Monster (compost tumbler). I might just be a garden nerd.

This week promises to be crazy busy. I'm going to see The Help tonight with Talia. Tomorrow, I get this hair wrangled back into some shape with my regular guy, Jack. Wednesday, I'm going to an awards ceremony for the local historical society, Thursday I have couple of things going on and I can't remember what the rest of the week holds, but I know it's busy.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be Outstanding In Your Field.



  1. Roxie, I love this post! You're doing well and looking good too! Enjoy the movie. I loved it!

  2. Hi Roxie!

    I looked for you at the race on Sunday...I remember seeing your umbrella in the crowd, and I definitely saw Slater - The Architect (teen son) and I actually talked to him by the snow cone stand! It was pretty hot and dusty, wasn't it? Next race, I'm going to bring a shade tent and hang a sign on it: "Shade for Supportive Family Members". The Architect was a little disappointed in his time, too. He was back in well under an hour, but he said he kept running into the little kids. At one point, he actually stopped and helped a little boy who had wiped out and was crying. (Yeah, you aren't supposed to give or get outside help while in the race, but seriously? Who's going to ride right by a little kid crashed on the side of the trail crying?) Apparently there wasn't enough time lapse between the little kids and the adults. Why they put them out on the trail first is a mystery for sure.

    Have a wonderful week. Stay cool.

  3. Dang - hope your camera gets itself sorted out!
    Loods like a fun tim, though!

  4. I have the first version of the iPhone which may have the worst camera ever so I empathize.

    Enjoy the movie, I thought it was great.

  5. You'll love the movie. Take a tissue.

    My camera phone takes some good and some bad. Depends on if I can hold still, or if the person I am taking the picture of can hold still.

    You're a trooper for sitting in the dust and heat. Glad you had your umbrella.


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