Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm No Roger Ebert

I saw The Help last night and I didn't love it. It didn't come anywhere close to the book - and I'd heard many people say that it had.

Oh, it was an okay movie, I suppose, but it lacked the tension and the texture of the book. I think with the exception of Viola Davis and the actress playing Celia Foote, it was miscast. There was a review on NPR that I read last night, and I agree with it. I didn't think it was particularly good period piece, either. It just didn't ring true to me in the look and feel. I expected to bawl my eyes out, I didn't shed a tear.

I can't say the same for this preview - it had me (and Talia) in tears in a matter of minutes. I shan't be seeing this one - although I'm positive it will be epic.


  1. I saw that trailer to War Horse and agree with you!

    I liked The Help, but agree with you that much of it was miscast. Your comment that the movie lacked the texture of the book was spot on. Many small but key story elements were left out, and the director's vision (for example, the dress Celia wore to the Fundraiser in the movie was much less garish and tacky than the one portrayed in the book) was just not in keeping with the richness and depth in the book. I'd have like the movie better had I not read the book.

  2. While I liked both the book and the film, I didn't love either -- both had flaws. The film I felt went too far in making a monster out of Hillary. Was that bit about her having a cold sore in the last part of the movie even in the book? There were some aspects of the novel that I'm glad the screenplay did not include for example the magical quality of Abilene's written down prayers. I get cranky about characters who are overly saintly and who have supernatural abilities. Anyhoo, it was a good book club read and an entertaining summer movie.

    Saw "The Debt" yesterday. I wouldn't surprised to see Jessica Chastain & Jesper Christensen nominated for Oscars for their performances.

  3. Love the quote from Mr SponserPants. Interesting or interested. Very interesting.

    I really like the movie. Viola Davis conformance was really good. I read the book so long ago I don't remember the differences. Probably a good thing.

    I love the preview for War Horse as well. Hope it's as good as it looks.

  4. performance....proof read much, Dana??

  5. I'm from the same neck of the woods and born around the time period as in "the Help"..It was spot on in many ways. Haven't read the book and after seeing the movie don't want to.

    I won't be seeing War Horse. I don't have the strength--animal films leave me in a puddle. If I need a really good cry when it comes out, maybe.

  6. yeah
    Im not seeing the help for that very reason.
    same reason I skipped Eat Pray Love/

  7. I don't read alot - anymore.... for the same reason.
    Come to think of it, I don't watch alot of film, either!

  8. Well, now that's just plain disappointing; although I should have figured this, because what movie holds up to the book it's based on, really.
    I may not see it now; at least not in the theater. I don't want to ruin the way it played out in my mind. Right now I'm running through all of Jodi Picoult's books one by one. She's an excellent author, but I haven't read anything like The Help in a long time.
    Oh, and as far as War Horse? ANY movie with an animal in it is sure to send me into a sobbing mess. Remember the Benji movies? My lower lip is quivering right now, thinking about that dog. lol


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