Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shampoo: The AARP Years

Now that was an unexpected experience. I went to get my haircut last night. I'm notorious for waiting forever to get my hair done. I've been trying for a couple of weeks to get in, but I know it has probably been three, maybe four months since I've been in.

When I walked in the place, I could tell things had changed. It appeared that most of the stations were now empty. I knew the creepy color guy had moved elsewhere, along with one other stylist, as I'd gotten a voicemail to that effect some time back. I didn't know the place had nearly shut down. There was only one other stylist at work besides my guy. And my guy looks like hammered coyote crap. I thought to myself, "Oh dear, his cancer has returned" and maybe it has, I didn't ask because I'd no sooner sat down than he asks me about my "status" and he explains he's going through a divorce (his third).

He tells me that he can tell that I'm now single as I'm much more open - there's no "wall" around me. Well, Kreskin, hate to burst your bubble, but my being open has more to do with the choices that I make to be that way, plus the salon isn't teeming with people, including creepy color guy. And then things just get weirder.

He's not hitting on me, but he starts telling me how I should dress, that he needs to dress me, where I need to shop that I need to make sure I'm "looking sexy" whenever I leave my house. That I will surely attract a man and can be happy. I keep telling the guy that I'm not unhappy. Yes, going through a breakup isn't fun, but it isn't the end of the world. I've got lots going on. "Don't I get lonely?" he asks. "Sometimes, but I got lonely when I was partnered, too".

He talked about how much he hated the evenings - that he didn't drink, didn't do sports. I agreed that it might be tougher for a man (he's a bit older than me, I think). I don't know how much of this was sincere discussion on getting on with one's life or how much was marketing strategy on his part. That the single women who come to him expect some sort of Svengali-like sweet talking. It was just weird. And I think he was just projecting a lot of his feelings unto me.

My response to him was that I wasn't going to dress up to be someone that I'm not. That I can think of nothing worse than being that woman who tries too hard. That I am not on "the prowl" and while I wasn't opposed to pairing up with someone sometime in the future, it was not a priority for me right now.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Lather. Rinse. Repeat



  1. That sounds like a bizarre experience - will you go back there next time?

  2. Okay, that sounds totally icky and kind of creepy. Maybe time to try a new hair place? I know it's a horrible thought because I hate breaking in new hair people.

    The way I found my hair place when I moved here 23 years ago was I asked three different people that had great haircuts and color who cut their hair. All different stylists and color people, all the same salon. I thought that was odd.

    The place is crazy expensive, but I always wind up going back there when I get a wild hair every two or three years and try a new place. I always hate the new place and it's a disaster (like three weeks ago).

    But if you're happy with your hair (and you have very cute's "sassy" in a good way), I guess he might be worth it. :)

  3. Any wonder why Mr. Hairdresser is experiencing divorce #3? Eew.

  4. FREAKY!! I would find a new guy. Funny how people think you have to be with some one to be happy. That he wanted to dress you...ick!

    The bad thing was you were held hostage. I would have crawled out of my skin.

    I'm with Brain. No question why he's getting divorced, again.

    That weight just keeps going down :)

  5. That would be enough to make me find another hairdresser.

  6. The perfect picture to go with this post!! Gosh...look at Warren! LOL

  7. Icky. I understand why you wait a while between salon visits. Time for a change maybe...?

  8. Sound like it's time to find a female hairdresser.

  9. uh oh
    this totally reinforces my "Ive gone no where but the Cuts which are Super for the past 10 + years"

  10. Yep. That's just weird. I do think you have a point about him projecting, though. If he looks like crap, chances are he feels worse than that.
    Yay for beautiful hair! Nothing cleans up an outlook like a good cut/color. Just got mine done yesterday and it seems like every time I go in, it gets a little bit shorter. my neck is going to regret that when the snow starts flying.

  11. Bizarre, for sure. I like that Super place, too :)

  12. Ummm...I don't you it when you only post once a week. Where are you? Please come back. :)


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