Wednesday, December 28, 2011

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Yesterday was a great day. It was coldish in the morning, but it warmed up and was sunny and gorgeous the rest of the day. I decided to take Inez out for a spin (more about her later) and just did a domestic ride. I came home, parked her in the garage. I took a look around and decided that the "lawn" needed to be mowed, so I grabbed the weedeater and the power cord from the garage and set to work. Got that done and swept up. Raked and bagged some leaves and edged the neighbors "death strip". I guess all told, I probably worked outside for an hour and a half. The weather was warm and it was glorious. I can see where I've got some dafs peaking up out of the ground. I look forward to seeing what spring will bring.

It was only after I went into the house that I realized I'd been outside in my front yard, working, speaking to the neighbors as they walked past while still wearing my bike helmet. I am totally that woman at whom little children point! Obviously, I am helmet challenged in many ways. When I was shopping for Inez at the bike shop, the owner instructed me to go put on a helmet - and thanks to my gracious son-in-law, I was told that I had it on backwards! And there is always the story of my first foray into helmets.

I took Malibuken in to get detailed. Oh man. What a difference! I hadn't realized he was that bad, as I do wash and vacuum him regularly. But that detail job was fabulous - he looks sparkly new again.

As for Phone-A-Friend, I made two phone calls yesterday. One I was able to get through and one I wasn't. I don't know if I will count the unsuccessful ones - I'm thinking yes.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. You Can Leave Your Hat On.



  1. I'm thinking "yes," too!
    I count everything... every little effort!
    Cuz it's all good!

  2. First of all I love that movie.

    Second, very proud of you for making those phone calls.

  3. Well, obviously the helmet is comfortable, so there's that!

    I'd count every phone call, whether connected or not, because YOU made it!

  4. Count it! Good for you.

    Loved today picture. I don't get to see any naked men, ok rarely, but they are always over 80. It's just not the same.

  5. I do not like helmets, at all. I keep wanting to get one of those spiffy looking ones like Cheryl of "bitch cakes" wears. I know it's not a fashion statement, but I don't like the look.

    I haven't seen that movie since my mom always wants to watch whatever I'm watching. Then enjoyment wouldn't be the same with all her gasping at the nudity, haha.

    Count them all. It's still an attempt, right?

  6. Thanks for the post today! Made me smile. :) that helmet must of been very comfortable! :)

  7. YEP
    chiming in a weetadlate but heck yes it counts.
    and HECK YES I adore that movie.
    so does my husband--which for some reason always surprises me.


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