Saturday, December 31, 2011

Introducing Inez

Let me introduce Inez. She was a present from Santa (if Santa signs her checks Roxie Stone) ;-).
I've had her for two weeks today and have been riding pretty steadily - albeit short rides. My plan was to ride with Slater yesterday, but my day didn't go exactly as planned - Anne H had to work and while and it was supposed to be a spa day, but my interior designer decided it was a "work" day, so we went shopping instead.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked her what she thought about me turning the living room into a dining room, as it is the coldest room in the house and as the dining room, wouldn't be used as often. The plan had always been to turn the second large bedroom into a den, but really, I'd rather have a dining room than two living areas. And yes, I already have a dining room, but I like to keep it devoid of furniture, as it really is the visual showpiece of the house. All of this started because I just wanted to run by and return some Christmas gifts that didn't work. So while I was standing in line to return clothes, she went to look at area rugs. Her pitch? Take that gift card, throw in $50 bucks and you've got something substantial to show for it. And that's what started it all. I bought an area rug for the new living room, (actually two, as the designer wants to see them both in the space with the light, and then we'll choose) a console/buffet thingy for the new dining room and a piece of art (a wooden horse) that I am just smitten with. It all arrives later this afternoon, along with the moving/design crew (Pebbles and Slater) to rearrange everything. Bonus is that I am able to use my old harvest table (that was too big for the real dining room but will work just fine in the new dining room) that I just painted and all my chairs - so this solution came out to be cheaper and more functional than what we had in mind at first. It will be a little weird to walk in to the dining room, but hey, the space is better optimized. Plus, if I don't like it, well, I'll probably have to hire some help to return everything to it's original spot. The new stuff could work just as well in the living room, so no big loss.

Phone-A-Friend tally: 1.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be flexible.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Old McDonald Had A Farm

Old McDonald had a farm and on that farm, besides his cutting horse, he had some art - why oh why oh why...

Yesterday was a soul-enriching day. The weather was perfect and I hauled Inez out to Talia's place to begin our ride in her county. It was a hilly, but beautiful ride - just being out, getting exercise, sharing time with a dear friend and enjoying nature - life doesn't get much more perfect than that. Yesterday was a joy, for sure.

Today, I am heading over to Dallas to have a spa afternoon with Pebbles, a bike ride with Slater (Pebbles is down in her back) and grab a cuppa with Anne H, if her schedule allows.

Phone-A-Friend score from yesterday is 1.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Okay, so do you remember that scene in the movie "Oh, God" when it was raining INSIDE John Denver's car? Yea, well, that was my morning yesterday. Turns out that having your car detailed, including shampooing everything AND leaving the car parked outside on a cold, frosty night will create a private little weather system right there in my very own Malibuken.

Of course, it freaked me right out when it started happening. And I got to see my reactive, fear-based self at full-throttle. First, I decided that the detail people had somehow broken the seal on my windshield. Secondly, they would never, ever acknowledge that they had done so. Thirdly, I would probably either cry or have a wall-eyed fit when trying to confront them and get them to make this right. Fourthly, I was going to have to seek out legal action against them. Ad nauseum.

So I took the car back to the place and did manage to calmly ask for the manager, who remembered the car from yesterday AND remembered that he hadn't been the one to turn to keys back to me and to tell me to "Keep the windows cracked so that the moisture from the shampoo job can dissipate". He also said they would fix it right up - extract more moisture, redo the water streaked dash, give me another free detail AND write up an action report so that if I ever had any more problems, that we both would have a record of what had happened. Holy Shit.

I did have to leave the car there, so it did nix my plans to go "Ride The Rock" again in Dallas, but I managed to get in a ride domestically (and I remembered to remove my helmet when finished). All in all, a pretty good day - with some lessons learned for me - that I cannot see and predict the future, that sometimes things turn out perfectly, and that if I can get my attitude right, my chances for a good outcome increases exponentially.

Phone-A-Friend Results: 1 planned call and 2 that developed "organically" throughout the day for a total of 3!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. I can see clearly now, the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. And they are me.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Yesterday was a great day. It was coldish in the morning, but it warmed up and was sunny and gorgeous the rest of the day. I decided to take Inez out for a spin (more about her later) and just did a domestic ride. I came home, parked her in the garage. I took a look around and decided that the "lawn" needed to be mowed, so I grabbed the weedeater and the power cord from the garage and set to work. Got that done and swept up. Raked and bagged some leaves and edged the neighbors "death strip". I guess all told, I probably worked outside for an hour and a half. The weather was warm and it was glorious. I can see where I've got some dafs peaking up out of the ground. I look forward to seeing what spring will bring.

It was only after I went into the house that I realized I'd been outside in my front yard, working, speaking to the neighbors as they walked past while still wearing my bike helmet. I am totally that woman at whom little children point! Obviously, I am helmet challenged in many ways. When I was shopping for Inez at the bike shop, the owner instructed me to go put on a helmet - and thanks to my gracious son-in-law, I was told that I had it on backwards! And there is always the story of my first foray into helmets.

I took Malibuken in to get detailed. Oh man. What a difference! I hadn't realized he was that bad, as I do wash and vacuum him regularly. But that detail job was fabulous - he looks sparkly new again.

As for Phone-A-Friend, I made two phone calls yesterday. One I was able to get through and one I wasn't. I don't know if I will count the unsuccessful ones - I'm thinking yes.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. You Can Leave Your Hat On.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Well, that was a bust. Turns out, rather than become more outgoing, I isolated even more. So with just a bit of de huevo en la cara, I am making another run at this.

As the new year is upon us, I always think of my friend Meg and her practice of setting an intention, rather than a resolution. I've been thinking about that, and my goal or intention of what I'd like to bring into my life is still the same - I want to increase my human contact and more importantly, increase my comfort with social interaction and to be authentic when doing so. To this day, I'd rather address a room of 400 than pick up the phone and call even the closest of friends. Calling someone just for the sake of calling, without a legitimate reason makes me anxious, it makes me nervous and it makes me feel vulnerable and vaguely ashamed. I pretty much understand the psychology behind it and now it's time to get on with a plan. Starting now, and through 2012, I will make one phone call each day. And no, calling someone and ask if their refrigerator is running doesn't count. And I will be accountable for it here.

This idea sprang from one of my blogging friends and heroes - Dana, who picked up her phone and called me last week. We had a wonderful conversation (at least I thought so) and it got me to asking myself "Could I do that?" just call like that. It would take a lot for me to do it, but I do feel that I need to do this a bunch in order to normalize the action and behavior for me. I am hoping that with time and repetition that it does get easier.

So there it is. Same goal, new strategy. I'll report back tomorrow on how it goes.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Reach out.