Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 is Brought To You by the Word Savor

My intention for 2012 is to be more mindful, to be more present, and to savor all manner of people, places and things. Rather than rushing through everything to get to the next thing - the next task, the next bite, the next whatever, I will attempt to be grounded in the moment.

It came to my awareness that I had been considering this part of my life as "in between" something - and not entirely relationship-focused. Upon reflection, I prefer to think of this phase as the "pause" - the point at which enlightenment happens - when one chooses different options rather than just being reactive. And so rather than being something to "get through", when viewed in this new way, this part of the journey becomes the path. I know it doesn't make any sense - but rather than something to be endured, it is something to be savored, as this where the really good stuff happens and I need to be in the present enough to see it and extract the joy that is there for me to see - if I'm not rushing headlong into the next thing.

The change to mindfulness is showing up slowly, and in strange places. When I first contemplated buying this house, my first thought was that it didn't have a dishwasner. Pebbles spent a lot of time figuring out a way for me to get a dishwasher installed here in this space-challenged space. As it turns out, washing dishes by hand while looking out into the back yard is one of my favorite things to do (if done mindfully). And then other times, it's a PITA, especially if I am rushed. Progress, not perfection.

So savoring is a fine and lofty goal, but how does it translate into real life? What does it look like? Well, when I am eating at home, I will set the table(bar), complete with placemat and all the silver. I will light a candle, if dining after dark. When doing my phone-a-friend challenge, the goal is not only to make the call, but to be present and to really listen to what is being said, rather than rush through with me interrupting to get in MY next thought (a horrible habit that I will curb this year). The only downside to this is technology - oh how I hate my smartphone. The service is lousy - I can hardly find a place in this house that gets good reception.

So that's the basic intention for 2012 - to stay mindful, to stay present and to savor all manner of things.

So on to the re-decorating. Neither of the rugs I bought work, so they need to go back. And while I do love the new dining room, the new living area is pretty small and cramped, due to the large furniture pieces that I have. So I am undecided about everything except the driftwood horse. I love that piece. The console/buffet I'm not totally in love with, but I am feeling some guilt about all the trouble Pebbles and Slater went to to get it all over here and re-arrange everything. That being said, I ALWAYS suffer from buyer's remorse, so I need to separate those two feelings to get to my real truth and I've got some time to do that.

Phone-A-Friend Score for yesterday: ZERO - I had plans to call a couple of people and then got wrapped up with the redo. Today I will do better.

Happy New Year!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. SAVOR.



  1. I love how you are constantly improving.
    I love the idea of being more thoughtfully present, too.
    Happy 2012, Roxie!

  2. I know Roxie do what we do.......knock down a Happy New Year.

  3. Happy New Year, Roxie! I think I've been in pause mode too. Hope you have a savory year :)


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