Friday, January 13, 2012

Charting Progress

This says what I am and where I am so much more eloquently than I can. In writing this blog, the difference between authenticity and transparency has tripped me up more than once.

I have noticed this shift in me - I believe that I am living more true to the authentic plumb line, but with less transparency. And I believe that last part is a good thing, on the whole. As a recovering over-zealous-discloser, I am moving from needing/wanting validation for every move I make - that's a big change for me. I'm giving things less "traction" in my life. I don't retell stories as much. People in my life are still doing the same old stuff, but I suffer less if I don't their behavior purchase in my life. In my past, if someone asked me a question, no matter how inappropriate, I would always provide an answer, no matter how inappropriate. These days, I've placed some boundaries around me and around other people. I still struggle with how to enforce those boundaries gracefully, but they are being enforced.

Pebbles said something very touching to me the other night. She was asking me about my improv class and I was telling her about it and she said, "You are not the same person you were when I was 18. I think you have changed more in the last ten years than I have. I couldn't have imagined you then as you are now." So when it comes to measuring progress, there are always yardsticks available. Even when the progress is slow, there is progress.

Dinner last night was yummy. A little too much cream brulee, however. I may still be in a sugar coma.

Phone-A-Friend - 0. Work function went until too late to call. I'll do better tomorrow.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Progress, not perfection



  1. I've felt the power of authenticity in the last year or so...

    I love how Brene Brown describes authenticity: "Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. It means cultivating the courage, compassion, and connection to wake up in the morning and think, No matter what gets done and how much is left undone; I am enough.

    It’s going to bed at night thinking, Yes, I am imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn’t change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging."

    I had a wonderful opportunity through our work conference last year to meet Brene Brown. I would like to put this badge on my blog... but haven't quite figured out the technical side of it. Someday.

  2. Progress....regression.... changing can be skeery!
    At least we have others to call on! Our Blogging /Group People have gotten me through a couple of doozies!


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