Monday, January 23, 2012

The Flying Dismount

I thought of several titles to this post; my favorite being Hoo Hoo Boo Boo! Yep, I made an unscheduled dismount off of the spin bike this morning and I am now on IR for a while. I don't know how those who carry more standard equipment than I do, manage. Hats off to you guys!

Yep, I went to spin class again this morning. Turns out, I know the person teaching Monday's class (but certainly not well enough to confess my klutziness), so now I have two people to whom I can be accountable for getting some exercise. And really, being done with exercise by 7am? Totally awesome.

Great weekend. Lots accomplished. Art on the walls in the dining room. I actually had the perfect print already, but it was hanging in my bedroom. It was close enough to being the right size that it will work just fine until I find the perfect thing. So I switched a lot of stuff around and will live with this for a while. Pebbles and Slater recently bought some real, original art and the artist told them that she re-shuffles her artwork once a year - just to enjoy it from a different perspective. The truth is, I never see that print as I don't hang out in my room and it wasn't even visible when passing down the hall.

I also moved something from the kitchen into the dining room and I've got a gap in the kitchen, but again, given the fact that my kitchen is just one-butt, the piece will be seen more in the dining room.

Worked in the yard for several hours on Sunday - just gorgeous weather here. I've got all sorts of stuff popping up all over - it's like I need to be Gus Grissom in order to pull weeds - or perhaps Indiana Jones - it's more of a dig to try to get the stuff that needs to come out and leave the other stuff undisturbed.

Work promises to be a stress-fest today. I shall try to stay in the moment and remember to breathe.

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Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Dismount gracefully.



  1. Sorry for your hoo hoo boo boo - sounds painful!

    Wasn't yesterday's weather incredible? We walked in 81 degrees! In January! So nice.

    How funny that you moved a print from a different room to the dining room - I haven't rehung much of my art since we repainted the family room, and last night when I walked into my bedroom, I thought "I should try those pictures in the family room" - so hey, thanks for sending that vibe my way! ;)

  2. Hope your re-entry into work was less stressful then anticipated. I move my art around quite a bit myself. I love having gotten my walk in before 7AM. It's a great feeling!

    Funny how you got so much done even though you told yourself you didn't have to. Ain't it always the way :)

  3. hoping you were WRRRONG about work yesterday.
    that the stress anticipated was far great than what actually transpired.

  4. We also worked in the yard this last weekend, keeping the weeds in check. Ha, that reminds me of one of my very first blog posts!


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