Monday, January 16, 2012


They don't look like much now, but come late March/early April they should be in full bloom. When I first set eyes on this house, it was awash with color, of the poppy variety (both California and Icelandic). I was so glad to see their return (actually, I had to ask the neighbor across the street to come identify them, as I'd never been successful in getting them to over-winter). I spent several glorious hours working in the yard yesterday. I mowed and pulled weeds (or at least I hope they were weeds) and generally tidied things up. I could stand to do some more of that today.

I'm hoping the wind lays down, as yesterday it was just too windy for me to ride. I am a wimp when it comes to 30mph winds. I don't mind the cold as much as the wind, so Inez stayed at home yesterday. I've got today off, so I'm planning to haul out to the local lake/state park and ride on what should be deserted roads. I vow that I will ride wind or no wind. It doesn't have to be for a long time, but I will spend time in the saddle.

Yesterday's temple experience was just lovely. Joyful, even - and I didn't expect all the laughter during the teaching. I will definitely go again. I hate it that I missed two Sundays, as the teaching this month is on basic meditation and mindfulness - two thing I could stand to improve my practice of.

I've also set to work on my collage for the dining room wall. Right now, I'm trying to use/reuse/recycle/upcycle things I already own - at least temporarily. I did buy those hanging things that supposedly don't damage the walls - I hope they work! I am using my table top to plan the layout or I could use pieces of paper taped to the wall to get everything balanced before committing to a semi-permanent solution. I think this will probably be a work in progress - however, it can't take too much time, as I have been thinking about holding a brunch on the first Sunday of February. It would be nice to have the re-boot done by then.

And can I say that I find the new Britcom, Miranda, to be hilarious?

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  1. blossom and be mindful.
    Im working on that as well.

  2. Love poppies too!I remember taking care of them in the garden center where i worked. I had to be careful not to over water them. So glad they came back for you! Suppose to be like 74 degrees here today in San Angelo and i'm planning a hill walk but now a bike ride is sounding good too.....maybe i'll do both!

  3. I love poppies! This year I plan to spend a little time planting something, I just don't know what yet. Now that I've lost some "baggage" I am interested in having beauty - inside and out :)

    Please show us your collage. I need to put one together and need inspiration.

    Enjoy your day off. I'm off, too, and plan to spend the day outside!

  4. Every year I swear I'm going to plant California poppies, and every year I forget. Thanks for the reminder - maybe I can actually get some seeds in the ground!

    Your collage sounds fun - not sure how well those hanger thingies work...I am a "put hole in wall, hang picture, stand back, move hole, cover with picture" type of person, which sounds like it would drive you crazy. Spackle and I are good buddies, lol!


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