Sunday, January 29, 2012

Publish This Status

Saturday was a crazy, busy day for me, made even more so as I decided to invite my Mom and Sis over for dinner, as I hadn't seen them in a while. So I sent my sister a text message in the wee hours of the morning with the invitation and my Mom called back later in the morning to confirm. So that added grocery shopping and a bit of flower arranging to my already busy day. I'd turned the sound down on my phone because I was in meetings and then workshop, so I didn't notice that I was getting an unusual amount of calls. And when I did notice, I was knee-deep in dinner prep, whipping and spurring to get it all done on time.

I did, however, listen to one message from my cousin in WA, who seemed very concerned about my Mom, having not been able to reach her. I did call him back and left him a message saying that I'd spoken with her that morning and unless he knew something that I didn't know, things were fine. She's just notorious for losing her phone.

So cut to the dinner table. Mom and my sister had been to the stock show all day, as the weather has been just spectacular. We are having a nice dinner and I remember the message from Bill. "Mom", I say, "You'd better give Bill a call, he seems rather concerned about you".

"Okay" she says. "I just don't know what is wrong with these people. My phone has been ringing off the hook. All I did was repost on FB one of those messages thingies to "post this as your status if you are really struggling in support of my friend from Virginia I think. I met her when I posted on Name Redacted's who was talking about his new dog".

Now we've all seen those updates and many of us have complied to be in solidarity with others, but most will make such a disclaimer. Mom didn't, so now there are a bunch of her "friends" who believe she's in some sort of distress. All because she was standing in solidarity with the "friend" she met on FB, all because we used to have a Great Dane. Sheesh.

Despite being busy, yesterday was a wonderful day. Workshop was again awesome - I mean the workshop is awesome, but comedy is H.A.R.D. Today, I'm working around here a bit, then I'm going to head over to the Buddhist' place to sit and meditate for a while. That will be followed by some yard work. I'm hosting a potluck brunch next Sunday and with all the rain and sunshine we've had recently, the lawn and yard could use a little more straightening up. So while the temperature is at freezing right now, it is supposed to warm up to near 60 this afternoon, so it should be nice enough when I return from the temple.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Update your Status.



  1. Funny - the bonds that come and go...
    well, funny when we look back!

  2. What a full day! Glad everyone is ok. I was at an old bookstore yesterday in my adventures and wandered into the Buddhist book section... it was fascinating! :)

  3. I look at those FB status "reposts" as chain letters - and I'm always the rebel who breaks the chain. Although it's nice to know that so many people care about your mom! :)

    Hope you enjoy this gloriously sunny day!


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