Monday, January 9, 2012

Rearranging Furniture

So neither of the rugs worked. Both were too small (as I knew they would be). So I went off-road and ordered two new rugs (without the expressed, written consent of my designer). The runner arrived last week and I like it alright. I don't have so much money sunk into it that if I find something I like better somewhere, I can move it to some other location in the house. I ended up selected a chunky jute for the dining room. I'm worried that I'm getting a little bit too "natural" - too much wood/natural fibers. I need to get some other elements in there.

I do have these two rusty candle holders that are about two and half feet tall and I like to figure out how to put a floral topiary arrangement on top of them in place of the candles. I'd like to develop a "system" so I'd know exactly what I'd need to go cut from the garden (greenery only, of course) to be able to create fresh arrangements - like 6 pieces of traily stuff, 18 inches in length, 14 branches of this at that length - you get the picture - in order to create something like that depicted on the photo I found on the knot:

I also spent some time re-optimizing my storage space. There is the teeniest of medicine cabinets in the bathroom and a pedestal sink, so I have to use the hall coat and linen closet for well, coats, linens and all things bathroom. I shuffled things around to make better use of the space. The thing is, there is space that I am not utilizing, but it is so up and away, that it's hard to get to and I'm afraid I'll forget whatever I stow up there.

So I schlepped the two too small rugs back to the store (Marshall's) but instead of the store in which I bought them, I chose to take them back to a Home Goods/Marshall's combo store. Oh, my. There is just so much to see. I wandered around for nearly two hours and came away with nothing house related except the gift card money this whole adventure started with. I did, however, find the very shirt (a Jones of New York no-iron) - a crisp, white shirt that I was going to buy at Macy's for twice the price, so I just bought two of them. I fell in love with it when I tried it on and I'll probably regret not buying a third. I am a firm believer that one cannot have too many perfect crisp, white shirts. But I'll believe that bit about no-iron when I see it. Of course, since I've chosen (at least for now) not to install a dryer, it's Sunbeam City for me.

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  1. I do think it's the dryer component that makes those sorts of items no-iron. Maybe if you only hang them out to dry on really windy days?

  2. I like the idea of doing greenery on those candleholders - I have two, and it might be fun to see something other than a candle on them.

    I've never been into a Homegoods store - and a combo with Marshalls?!? Jackpot!


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