Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Spinning

Actually, there will be no spinning for me today, other than of the mental variety. I'll be leaving the house in a few minutes, and won't be home until 2:30. Then it will be a bit of lunch, a clean up and it's off to dinner and a night of comedy. Plus, I just realized that Talia is coming over tomorrow after church with her new bike so that we can ride! And my house looks like out-takes from HGTV! So somewhere in there, I've got to find some time to straighten things back up!

Spin class yesterday was interesting - and not completely in a good way. Turns out while I was on sabbatical, my life turned into The Autumn of Medical Issues. My right boob is now sort of microchipped (not really, that was just Pebbles' suggestion - along with suggesting the implantation of a gps device so that she could track me in my dotage) - it's not a microchip, but it is a titanium marker, which I've been assured will not get me felt up by the TSA. The second thing was that my cholesterol went "insane" - a direct quote from my very reserved doc. He nearly wouldn't let me leave the office without choking down some statins. So now I'm on daily meds - SAS shoes and elastic-waist, industrial-strength polyester pull-on pants can't be far behind. So anyway, while I've got to take meds every damn day (I haven't given up on getting off of these - there has to be some reason why my numbers shot through the ceiling after being consistent for years (albeit a bit high- hereditary, cause Pebbles' is the same way), I decided to add a daily vitamin. Of the senior variety.

Unfortunately, I didn't notice that those puppies are, well, the size of puppies! OMG. But I took my first one bright and early yesterday morning before going to spin class. Mis-Take. Burpy nausea to follow. So if I want to get through the COSTCO-LIFETIME-SUPPLY of these horse pills, I'm going to have to take them at night - so not only will I have meds in the morning, but now there will be meds before bedtime, which right now feels like it should be 8:30 pm!

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picture of some pansies and kale in my front yard


  1. ...but do you have your pills in a box marked "morning" "noon" and "evening"? If not, you're OK with forgoing the SAS shoes (for now). I have an older friend (in her 80s) who LOVES the SAS. And I wonder - at what point in life does one say screw it to any kind of style and indulge in the marshmallow shoes?

    Sorry you've had some medical issues - but I think Pebbles is onto something with an implanted GPS chip...

    Have a great weekend, and I just love your bright pansies!

  2. LMAO at Shelly's comment. I lost 100 pounds and my cholesterol went up. SAS shoes.....nearly all my little ladies have worn those. Sorry to about the boobage problem. I have never heard of inserting a chip, interesting.

    Have fun at the comedy club tonight. Hope it goes better then the last time. Knock their socks off.

  3. I always have to take my vitamins with a meal or I can't stomach them (and I thought I had a pretty strong stomach). Hope you can "stop the insanity" with the cholesterol.

  4. I have to take my multi-vitamin with breakfast too. I love the pansies, and envy you a garden in January, pretty rare here (Ontario, Canada) when temps are usually way below freezing.


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