Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spin Cycle

I've been toying with this idea to take a spin class a couple of times a week. No biggy, right? Well, it's at 6:10 am - and who wants to get dressed for work at the gym? Not me.

Yesterday, I ran into one of the instructors, a woman about my age, whom I know casually. She's an experienced cyclist and it would be nice to have another source to go to for info. In fact, she was kind enough to tell me (very graciously, I might add) that I was mis-pronouncing Inez' given name - Allez. Turns out, Inez is French - who knew? Obviously not this hill billy.

So she invited me to join the class. And then it dawned on me - I live so close to the gym that I could just come home and shower and change. I wouldn't have to schlep my clothes and make-up and I know, just know, that at least once a week I'd end up wearing my tennis shoes with my work clothes because I'd forget my real shoes. I don't have to go to the locker room and change - I can just park really close, sneak in, do the deal and leave. And god knows that I get up early enough. Plus, I really am a morning person - my energy level is at it's peak first thing in the morning.

There are actually classes 5 mornings a week, but if I were to make 2 to 3, that would be stellar. So, I'm toying with it. I've got some free passes I can use for the first week, just to see how it goes. I'm sorta, kinda excited.

Now on to the hair - it's cute and it's shorter than he's ever cut it. It's not as short as I've ever worn it, but it is a nice cut. I just hope that I can fix it. And it wasn't weird this time - I think he was just going through the whole break-up thing the last time and was a little manic. He was back to his old self tonight. Whew - I don't want to have to find another stylist.

And can I just say that I love my daughter - she's one helluva gal. Yesterday morning, she noticed a bouncy spot in the floor of her guest bath - so at lunch, she came home and to take a look. She thought she might have a water problem. She decided that she didn't have a problem and it was just something about two sub-floors and spanning distances.

Phone-A-Friend Scoreboard: 1

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get Excited.


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  1. Your stylist must have been dating mine!
    My guy was in Full Onset Break Up Mode
    last time I went!
    That would sure explain alot!

  2. I did the drag stuff to the gym and go straight to work thing for almost 2 years. Not my favorite thing and nothing I'd ever do again. Since you live close, definitely give those classes a try. As much as you love cycling I'd bet you'll love it once you get the hang of it!

  3. Roxie ,

    I've taken a couple of spin classes and they were fun. It all came down to the instructor , what kind of music they played, their attitude. At first i was like okaaay you want me to peddle for an hour straight....but really with the music and the different tempos the time flew by. However i took a friend one time who doesn't ride a bike on a normal basis and about killed her........ooopps... Have fun Roxie!!

  4. Go! You'll be so glad you did. Great workout. Hard. Butt soreness goes away:)

  5. Like you, I prefer not to take clothes, makeup, etc. to the gym. I'll make time to go home and change. Glad the hair turned out this time. There's something about a bad haircut that just puts me in a funk. I think it's a "woman thing."


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