Friday, January 20, 2012

Switching Gears

Now there's some inspiration! I could try something like that - I've got some empty frames, as does Pebbles. But for now, I'm leaving it alone. Something will bubble up to the surface - I'm going to try to relax and let it happen as it will. I'm now turning my attention to lighting. While I love this house more than bacon, the lighting is poor in every room. I know that half the days I leave here looking like Tammy Faye. And the dining room is no exception - and since it didn't used to be the dining room and Prior Owner was as green as Ed Begley, Jr, there is a fan with a light kit in the DR. And I may not like having the dining room there, so I'm unwilling to do as my intrepid designer says "kill the fan and just have some cans dropped in and we can move the light to better center it over the table" all the while I'm breaking out in.a.rash. Yes, I know she's right - and yes, lighting really IS the most important thing, I'm just not there yet. So for now, I still want to keep my escape route open. So as a temporary (but not particularly inexpensive, I might add) solution, I'm going to add some plug in wall sconces for some additional light. I've got some of the DR paint, so I can paint the covers and they won't be too obtrusive - if I can find something I like. Ah, well, I'm thinking this is a never ending deal - but it's fun.

This morning is spin class. I spent last evening getting ready so that I can get up, brush my teeth, throw on a ball cap, get dressed, grab a cuppa, hit publish and hit the road.

The day is supposed to be fabulous and of course, I can't be off work. My Saturday is booked up again (funny, funny thing - a friend of mine plans her own birthday celebration each year (I recommend this practice) and she chose to get a group together to go out for dinner and then on to see an improv comedy show. Guess where? I haven't outed myself, but it could happen, depending upon who happens to be hanging around)). Sunday promises more sitting with the Buddhists, followed by a bike ride with Talia, who just got a bike like Lori's, I think.

Phone-A-Friend: 2

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Switch Gears if you need to.



  1. You give me some good laughs, Roxie. Looking like Tammy Faye, and loving something more than BACON will have me chuckling more than once today. Happy Friday!

  2. I love all the suggestions you received for your last post. Theres no rush Roxie.......none at all. Something will hit you right and you'll just know it. Maybe you just need to 'sit' with your house for awhile, just 'be'. Let the house speak to you if thats not to waaay out there. :) Hugs! deb

  3. Whatever you ultimately decide on will be fabulous, just because you didn't rush things.

    I'm not sure there's any inanimate thing I love more than bacon...

    1. Selecting Helen as the guinea pig to test out the reply function.


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