Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today Me Is Tomorrow Me's BFF

I was reading an entry in an online forum I frequent where a woman was talking about her Tonight Me making her Morning Me happy because she was setting up the coffee pot so that she could wake up to freshly brewed coffee. I love this concept! One of the things that I am working on is "being my own best friend" - I don't have to rely solely upon others for affirmations, acceptance and esteem - I am responsible for those things myself.

So yesterday morning, when I was still in bed and didn't want to get up to go to the gym (and I didn't), as stupid as it sounds, I told myself that Morning Me needed to make Today Me happy. So, while I didn't go to the gym, I did pull a Helen and headed out to the garage to get in some exercise. I've got Clementine (Cha-Cha) Peddleford up on a trainer and I spent some time and some sweat there. And then Noon Me decided to make Tonight Me happy and go work out at lunch, and again, I did something different - the weather was so beautiful that I decided being out in the sunshine in January was more important than sweating. So I treated All-Of-Mes to a wonderful walk through the neighborhood. Oh, and I got a prize or three. Someone had thrown their Christmas tree out to the curb with some decorations still on it! They had these darling little disco ball looking sparkly ornaments, so I tree-picked three of them! Score!

I got the new rug down in the dining room and re-engineered some very nice dupioni silk curtains Pebbles took out of her house. They were a bit short, but I managed to rig up a solution that looks nice. I think I need to add two upholstered chairs to the mix and I'd seen some in the World Market catalog that I thought I'd like, but after seeing them, I don't think the scale is right. I'm now toying with the idea of doing a collage of items rather than a single piece of art for the blank wall. I'll have to drag out what I've got and see if I can put it together in any coherent way.

I've got a busy evening tonight - a vendor is taking me and several other people out to a fancy steakhouse for dinner and since I'll be in the area, I think I'll take in an improv "jam" session - not to participate, but to watch.

Phone-A-Victim: 1

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be ready to hand off the self-esteem baton to Tomorrow Me.



  1. I love this! So interesting (for today me) that you posted this. I've been having hellacious mornings and driving at breakneck speed to get to work. Dangerous. I realized it's because of my food prep so this week I implemented trying to do some of tomorrow's things today: some food prep, picking out what I will wear to work and actually laying it out, etc. This has been a much better week and I have felt the stress melt away.

  2. I do this with my dishes. I get them done before I go to bed so in the morning I don't have them waiting. But thanks to you, maybe now I can think to apply that same paradigm to eating!

  3. I call that "saving me from myself" - and it really does work.

    The weather yesterday was indeed gorgeous and everyone who could, needed to get outside and enjoy it. Glad you were able! :)

  4. Organization is, for me, self-care. I go a little "nuts" when things are disorganized, so I have to work at this.

    Sounds like you're doing well and taking good care of yourself, which is as it should be!

  5. Roxie,

    It sooo nice to look up and see a new post from Roxie while i sip my coffee. I've so missed your insightful, thoughtful commentary. :) The less i procrastinate and think ahead the less stressful the next day becomes. I have learned this lesson. I only wish i had learned it and implemented it sooner like when the kids were little. See ya tomorrow Roxie. :) deb

  6. I love your sense of humor. Phone a victim, indeed!

  7. Wow - I typically love everything you write... this one rocks!

  8. This post was awesome. This morning thanks you :)

  9. What a great post, love it!

    Sounds like the "All-of-Mes" are getting in sync. :)

    Great way to remind "me" to live in the moment.


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