Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Year of The Dragon

I had a work event that took me to Irving last night, so I popped on over and took the kids out to dinner at our favorite Vietnamese place. It was getting all decked out for Tet, which ushers in the Year of The Dragon. It was pretty cool to see - there were these two traditional dragons and two other long, huge Chinese dragons, plus paper ones of all varieties. As per usual, we were the only non-Vietnamese people in the restaurant and Slater ordered this weird dish that came in a boat-like serving vessel. He/we didn't know quite what it was, nor how to eat it, but three different wait staff came out bearing first smaller, then larger bowls to try to tell him how to mix up and serve the dish. It was sort of like DIY Pho. Great fun. Also, there were a lot of celebratory foods being prepared and rolled into log-looking packages. We asked and it was some sort of sweet sticky rice, bean paste and pork. I would have liked to have sampled some of the oddities (to me).

No design work happened today, although I have been taking everyone's input to heart. I do like the basic design of option one, but I think I will swap out a piece or so. Plus, I like the idea of taking some of the smaller items and do a reference piece on another wall.

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Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Another New Year's Is Coming - reboot if you need to.



  1. You know i don't think i've ever had Vietnamese food. I do love Korean. I've even developed a taste for Kimchi. Our last Korean restaruant in town closed down and turned into a DonutShop a little while ago...sigh... sounds like you had fun!

  2. Yummy, Pho, I could eat that stuff by the buckets...oh wait, I have!

    Option #1 is my choice. It makes the most sense and looks the cleanest.

    Love that horse, glad to finally see a picture of it.

    Take care and so glad you're back to blogging!

  3. Hear that sound?
    It's coffee.... and it's calling to join in!
    Soon.... Miss Roxie.... SOON!


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