Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cake or Death?

So, I did have some cake at the party yesterday and I'm still counting it as a streak day. I accounted for the calories and made an adjustment in my dinner. So there that is. My review of the Costco Red Velvet cake is that it is a good cake. I'd like the filling/icing to be a bit more "cream cheesy" but overall, it's of good quality. No chemical taste that one gets sometimes from store bought cakes. Still, my former MIL made the best red velvet cake in the world (and I have her recipe!), so I am pretty picky with my RV cake and cream cheese icing. I've passed on the recipe to my sister, who is turning into a great baker, but suffers from having my Mom as a taster - and things just don't get too sweet for Mom.

Tonight is swing dance lessons and our numbers are growing. We've got another friend joining us tonight and that's always fun. I'm going to a sleep-over on Friday night. A co-worker has invited a few of us - some current and some former co-workers to crash at her house to visit and catch up. It should be a blast. The problem is, it's the night before my "showcase of comedy". Yep, my classes are coming to an end.

I have enjoyed these classes and they have offered me some really great insights into me and offered some opportunities to work out a few things. One of which is to sit with uncomfortableness, as I am not very good at this. There are a few ringers in this class and by contrast, I look really bad. But that's okay - I'm still getting a lot of learning out of it. There is another beginner class that I sat in on last week that is about half way through. It is taught by a different instructor and I'm going to ask to join that class. I think I could benefit from his teaching style, but there is no guarantee that he will let me join in progress. All in all, I will be sad that they are over (for now). While I have told a few people about what I am doing, I have not told anyone about the finale, nor do I plan to.

I can perform decently with most of the class, but I tend to get "stuck" (mostly by my own inability to act in my own best interests) with what I have to assume is a mentally-challenged (or heavily drugged) classmate. Hence, my uncomfortableness. It is nearly impossible for me to let this person hang out on stage, awaiting someone to choose to perform with them. So more often than not, I step in. And it is always a dissatisfying experience. I struggle with what is mine to take on and what is being a decent human being. I didn't know comedy was THIS hard!

Phone A Friend: 1

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Cake or Pie?



  1. Roxie - "sit with uncomfortableness", which I call (after Pema Chodron) middle point is ...simply uncomfortable. And I also tend to talk through it ( not a good idea because whenever O am stressed out my English gets very heavily accented), act through, anything to escape.. Learning to sit through it is however taking place...Wishing you a splendid week.

    1. Robin, I, too, am a fan of Pema's. I had hoped to get to see the Abbey when I was in Nova Scotia this past summer, but we couldn't fit it into our schedule. It's also funny you should mention her - I went to my bookshelf last night to pull out a book and I saw one of hers. I didn't pull it, as I was looking for something else, but I did think to myself that it was about time I re-read her stuff.

      Being still and sitting through may be my toughest lesson. Wishing you a glorious week, as well.

  2. I had to laugh that you can't act with "the dope." I can believe classes are over, seems like you just started. I love to hear about how you grow. It makes me review my own growth. It usually has nothing to do with what your going through, but if not for you, I would never even think to ask myself "am I growing?"

    The sleepover sounds like so much fun! I wish I could bring my jammies and pillow.


    1. Dana, I do wish you lived closer. I do want to get out your way soon. I would love to spend some time with you and other friends in the area. I'll have to keep that idea in the hopper.

      Yep, next week will be 8 weeks of classes. It really has flown by!

  3. I my goodness, it only took 3 times this time to figure out what the "code" was...luv u

  4. I love the way you write... and the stories you tell...
    You are a gentle soul!

  5. Ohh good stuff! From the cake, pie and sitting with your uncomfortableness!

    I do have to agree with Anne H, I love how you write! :0)

    I love sleep overs, what fun!


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