Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fast, Pray, Give

I found this this morning and I will look at it each day for Lent. While following the Lenten tradition is not in my spiritual practice, there are many things about the time for reflection that I admire.

Dance lessons went a little better last night. We are taught new steps and moves in pretty rapid-fire succession and I find that I can only absorb about the first half of the lesson. The rest of it just adds to my confusion. So next time, I think I'll learn what I can as well as I can and if I start to get lost, then I'll just step out of the "partner circle" and practice the basics on my own. I tend to do better when I have time to practice the basics solo without worrying about dancing with a partner. I don't know, however, if this will make my desire to "lead" a worse problem than it already is!

Nothing much more to add. Planning some bike rides with friends and with groups. Plus a bike maintenance class next Saturday!

Note: yesterday's cake picture was not of our actual cake. I just like the idea of a Rickrolled cake!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Cherry-picked spirituality is better than none at all (my opinion, of course).



  1. I'm with you on spirituality. However one begins to access it is just fine. Life without it is hollow and risky.

  2. you inspired me.. i love that broken halo site. thank you

  3. Loving the link you've shared. I didn't grow up in a denomination that practiced Lent though I have done something or another on my own a time or two. I also like the reflection.

  4. Love the link. So wait, no cute writing on the cake? I am not a real sweets person, but cake is the one I do love. Especially with milk, oh crap, now I want some.

    Glad your dance lesson went better.

  5. okay folks - I've tried to remove the word verify from this blog by reverting to the old interface. Was I successful in disabling it?

  6. Interesting calendar - I am very curious as to what it will say with Homer Simpson and Lady Gaga!

    Good plan on the dance learning. I find that I can only process a little bit at a time, and I'd rather learn that, than not learn anything. Which is why I knitted for almost three weeks before I attempted to purl - baby steps!

  7. I think the bike maintenance sounds like fun. Thanks for trying to take that word verify off - those things are a pain. I tried to post from my phone, but the word verify was still on.

  8. I agree with you on the pick and choose spirituality. That's how I roll :0) The verify section looks like it's still there...


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