Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fun And Fashion

Today promises to be another jam packed day. I've got a meeting at 9, followed by my weekly dose of fun at 11 and then I take off for a tour of a local costuuume factory by a designer/seamstress who works there. And for even more fun and fashion, a group of us are then headed to Big D to catch the final weekend of the Goat-eee-AAaA exihibit at the Modern. Should be a great day - I am looking forward to it.

Last night, I went out with Valerie to dinner and then introduced her to emprov comedy, as she had never seen a show. We had a great time. Big laughs and fun.

I managed to make 4 days of spin class last week - extra sparkly star for the streak! The sing and spin ended with some ab work on Thursday and my goodness, are those girls singing to me this morning. Ouch-eee. Hmmm - perhaps it wasn't all the good ab work on Thursday, but the raucous laughter last night. At any rate, they are letting me know they are still there.

I've been in the market for an LBD (little black dress) for nearly ever and can I just say that I think the one by JPG from his spring 2009 collection is spectacular? I need to get something designed along those lines, as it would accent/cover all the right stuff. Open at the neck to show off good collar bones and add length to my neck, but with upper arm coverage! Score. I'd like the bottom to be a bit more flowy, as I have legs like tree trucks, so a little trompe l'oeil (to fool the eye) might be in order. Of course, the chances of me ever finding something along these lines are pretty small - but back in my ultra-poor days, I used to design and sew my own stuff out of a bag of fabric I was given. I kept Pebbles and me dressed out of that bag for a long, long time. Maybe it's time to give it a go again. I ended up taking a nice sewing machine in trade last year from the same friend who gave me that garbage bag full of fabric nearly thirty years ago.

Phone A Friend Challenge: 0 Did not have a free moment to make calls yesterday, but plan to remedy that this evening.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Have fun with fashion.



  1. I know you are using creative spelling to avoid searches landing on your blog, but I keep having to stop and figure out what you are saying...especially the goat exhibit! Makes for an interesting read whenever I come here, LOL!

    Have a great weekend - and I'd love to see some of your fashion designs!

  2. Sounds like a fun day! I need to take my sewing machine in for maintenance, it is way over due! I need to practice more on sewing clothes, that is not my strength. I do enjoy making quilts and other projects.

  3. Im joining the phoneafriend challenge today.
    for a month!

    I need. I need.


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