Friday, February 17, 2012

A Hoot, A Holler And A Burp

Well, now this
was a hoot and a half. We had a spectacular time and all my GNOs survived an overdose of plastic - both in dinnerware and tupperware!
I am, unfortunately, still suffering the lingering F's - and it's Friday. So it's now a 5F day. Yuck. But I do know how to turn this around.
I need to clean up my diet. I've been eating crap and consequently, I feel like crap. It's time to invoke the three day rule.

My three day rule is that anything and everything can look and feel differently in just three days. If I am all Gloom, Dispair and Agony on Me, and I choose to practice CRITICAL SELF-CARE, I can turn that frown upside down.

What CRITICAL SELF-CARE looks like for me:

1. Treating myself very gently - no internal trash talk
2. Throw out the to-do list
3. High protein foods - no restricting on how much, only what kind
4. Nature - get outside for a walk if at all possible - I'm just a hop and a skip from the public gardens.
5. Get Creative - find someway to get creative - re-arrange furniture, set a new tablescape,
6. Organize Something
7. Pamper and Spoil - self manicure or pedicure - get my brows done - by a new pair of panties (I'm only buying red ones this year)

So that's it - this weekend will be an CRITICAL SELF-CARE weekend. By Monday, if I practice what I preach, I'll be well on the road to being myself again.

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Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. The Future Is in Plastics.



  1. Oh my goodness those Tupperware salt and pepper shakers are a blast from the past!

    I hope you put yourself into INTENSIVE care this weekend and come out Monday feeling great!

    1. If you want a real blast from the past, google vintage Tupperware - it's amazing how much of that stuff we had around!

  2. All the self -care is so much more than words or facebook euphemisms...
    It all comes together and we KNOW we are doing something right!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. That Tupperware play looks hilarious! What a great thing for a GNO!

    Feel better, Roxie. :)

  4. My Mom sold tubberware for years... we were drowning in it, in fact she still is!! LOL

    I LOVE your list! Hope you feel more like yourself soon. :)


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