Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaps and Leaks

I got an out-of-the-ordinary water bill recently.  It almost rivaled my summer highs.  There was no reason that I could fathom why this was so.  I called the water department to have the meter re-read.  I walked the property , peeked down the scuttle inside and could find nothing amiss.  I finally remembered to take a picture of the water meter reading with my phone before leaving for work and matching it up upon my return.  It took me several days of this to remember to look at the meter before using the water at home.  I finally had to use both the camera and the alarm on my phone to get this done.  No leak.  My guess is that meters don't actually get read every month and then when they do, that becomes a catch-up month.

And in other home repair sagas, I can't recall if I've said anything about it here, but I'm having some work done on my other place.  I replaced about half of the siding seven or eight years ago, and the rest of it was sorely in need of repair, so I contracted to have that done.  Hijinx ensued.  The job that was supposed to take three weeks has drug on for nearly four months.  I'm not really that worried about the time - my contractor is a one-man show and has a holiday business that took him away quite a bit.  I don't want to stand in the way of him making hay while the sun shines.  Anyway, the job is finished except for the painting.  Long time readers (and I do mean long time) will remember the saga of the Pumpkin Palace - what was supposed to be Terra Cotta ended up being more pumpkiny.  And it turns out, we've all come to know and love that which is squashy in nature.  Well, Mr. Contractor got the color wrong - oh, so wrong.  Thankfully, this can be corrected as it was only the first coat.  So I spent some time out at the other place getting that squared away. I may need to make another pass out there, but I'm betting not.

And now for me, I've had some experience with leaky pipes (if you know what I mean, and I think you do) and I'm going in to see the doc about it.  The subject came up in the fall during a routine physical and he mentioned that "I was too young to have this issue, even under exercise conditions".  Well, that was a surprise, as I'd been having this issue under jumping jack conditions for years.  (There will be no Leaping About on Leap Day for me) So, I'm going to see what can be done, as the normal prescribed "exercise" hasn't patched the leak.  Yes, I know, far too much Information, but it is done in the vein of sharing how things are supposed to work (according to my doc).  Plus, I'd loaded up the medical flexible spending account for one final cosmetic-ish dental related skin graft, but I'd certainly put that off until next year, if something can be done about Leaky McLeakerson.  There will be a Men-In-Black pen available for purchase at the end of this reading, should you need to erase knowledge of the fact that you now know this about me.

PAF Challenge:  1.  Streak 1.

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Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Patch your leaks.



  1. Ooooh Roxie, I do sympathise with the leaky pipes. I too have an occasional little (or should I say 'wee') problem which is down to a prolapsed bladder in my case. Exercises have helped, but only up to a point.

    Hmmm, makes life a PITA (or pretty close anyhow) at times, particularly whenever I catch a cold/get a cough!

    Get it checked and sorted if at all possible. Take care.

    1. Deniz, thanks for the good wishes. We'll see how it goes. I've been referred to a specialist in urological gynecology, so we'll see.

  2. I know a few guys with the anti-leak problem. but I'm thinking a prostrate would cause more problems than it would solve in your case.

    Here's an excellent opportunity for some of that self care! Do take care, hmm?

    I do believe I remember the Pumpkin Palace deal. Has it been that long? Oy vey!

    1. Yep, Brian, you've been around a long, long time. As I recall, you popped in when I was having trouble with Pebbles' car - (as was always the case in her college days - it was the window, I think).

      Yikes - lady problems are not fun, but I wouldn't want that particular guy problem either -

      Glad to see you finally posted!

  3. Word verification destruction confirmed!

  4. I've read some TMI posts and believe me, this does not EVEN come close to those that I've definitely needed the MIB pen for...and huh. I figured that sort of issue was just standard once you get to a certain age range...I'm interested to know if it really can be fixed.

    1. As noted above, I've been referred to a specialist, so we'll see. Again, my doc said "too young and too fit" for this to be that man :-)

  5. Oh, my. Your water bill sounds like our gas bill. According to the meter reader, we used more gas in one month than we normally do in three or four (SO not correct). We did the 'what's up? test, too'. Went around the house looking for answers.
    As to your other leaky problem, I have known several women who are in their late thirties who, after having kids claimed that they've never regained their full ability to keep things under control. Of course I plead ignorance here, never having had kids, but it seems like a common problem for mothers?
    My husband would like to put his two cents in about your water bill: if your meter is in the street, and if the pipe leaks/breaks between the meter and the house, that could account for a high bill.
    Good luck with everything, Roxie.

  6. I keep telling my husband we had a water leak for most of last year, we would fix something, but the water bill was still SKY high! Finally, he listen to me and we made some major improvements to our sprinkler system. It helped, but the bill is still to high for my taste, and feel there might still be something else we can do.


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