Friday, February 24, 2012

Sleepover Friday

Well now, this editor is different - even though Blogger says it's the old one, I don't remember it looking quite like this.  I must have messed up some setting when attempting to remove the word verify for comments.  BTW, was that successful?

Anyway, tonight is the slumber party, which I am looking forward to.  I am in charge of games.  I'm bringing a box of retro games I bought recently - jacks, pick up sticks, and a couple of others are included.  I'm trying to decide whether to buy Apples and Oranges or Apples and Apples - I know it had Apples in it - Pebbles and Slater have it.  But I seriously doubt there will be much gaming going on - I suspect talking and lots of eating.  So I'm trying to develop a strategy for dealing with that.

This is what I've come up with so far:

The group is meeting at a local Mexican restaurant.  I'll probably join them in progress- I'll have someone order me a grilled chicken salad.  Every restaurant has some version of that.  I have a Friday night meeting that I like to attend, so I'll do that first.  The less time I'm in front of chips and hot sauce, the better I will do.
Back at the house, I KNOW there will be all manner of treats, so I will use my coffee trick.  I'm going to bring some prissy decaf coffee to make sure that I have what I need - and of course, enough to share with the others.  I've weaned myself off of creamers of any kind most of the time, but I'll bring some ff half and half and  it will make it feel dessert-like.  And I may just leave before breakfast in the morning.  I'm thinking this will give me all that I need, but limit my exposure to the things that I don't.  I've got a streak running and I don't want to break it!

No spin class this morning, as I have to be on standby to test a new software upgrade in about 15 minutes - and it's a good thing, as I just got an email that I'd dropped my work and gym ID at the 7-11 yesterday when I stopped to buy gum.  Oh, yea.  Need to make sure I'm stocked up on gum for tonight.

Phone-A-Friend Challenge:  1

In the planning stages:  I'm beginning to pull together some ideas for hosting a dress-up garden tea party, ala this.  Complete with a British friend to be the tea barista - I'm thinking of suggesting everyone dress up, including hats and serving prissy food!  It will be a BYOC - bring your own vintage tea cup!  Now just to figure out some Sunday afternoon, as my British friend works on Saturday.

Today's Fast, Pray, Love Link.  Love it!

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Enjoy the pleasures of childhood.



  1. Let's see about the word verification.
    Loving your strategies for keeping up the streak.
    I have hosted an afternoon tea recently, and pulled out my old Polish tea set that I brought in my suitcases 22 years ago. All of the sudden, one did not need much food to make the party beautiful. And it was very elegant too. These European plates are so tiny compared to American ones!
    Good luck with the sleepover.

    1. I'd love to hear more about your tea party, Robin! Sadly, I don't have a tea set - just a couple of vintage tea cups that belonged to my grandmother. I bet your heritage plates were gorgeous - especially being so tiny and delicate. Invokes the perfect picture of elegance!

      Thanks for the information on the verify! Whew!

    2. Well Roxie - if you are ever in DC area, please feel being invited for a cup of tea. Will pull out the rosy set again :) Not sure that my tea set is that vintage - likely they were produced in communist Poland in 60-ties but it is still nice:)

  2. Yep - no verification. Easy to keep conversation going on!

  3. Your slumber party actually sounds fun to me - good luck keeping your streak alive :D

    One of my favorite bridal showers of all time was a full on High Tea. They did ask that we wear a hat. The centerpieces were teapots filled with flowers and the guests' gift was a tulle wrapped tea cup with a couple of tea bags in it. Everything was just lovely!

  4. Aaahh Roxie you have such a charming life. :) Slumber parties and tea go girl! don't forget the coffee trick at the Mexican restaurant if you need it. Have a great time! deb

  5. I think the game you're thinking of is Apples To Apples (and it's a FUN game)! And I love your Fast, Pray, Love links! Can you link me to the post where you started this?

    1. Karen,

      It started on Ash Wednesday

      Apples To Apples - that's it! Love that game.

  6. Did you ever use the website Your streaks remind of that. I used that website a lot in 2008 when I was in weight loss mode. Have fun at your sleepover - sounds awesome.

  7. Woohoo - no word verification. It wasn't an issue when I'm on my computer, but it was tortuous on my iPhone.

  8. I hope you have a great time at the slumber party and no bras end up in the freezer!

  9. What fun! I love vintage games, enjoy! I wish I lived closer, the dress up garden tea party sounds fun! I admire your dedication and drive to stick to your plan, great job!

  10. I hope you had a great time at the slumber party. I used to be really good at jacks :)

    And the tea party sounds like a hoot! What fun!


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