Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever

Went to spin class today and was surprised to find a substitute instructor. I've been acquainted with this young man for about fifteen years and it seems he just keeps popping up in my life. I stumbled in to his family's place of business after moving into town. He attended a single day of workshop a few weeks ago and I see his name around town a lot - he's a mega-volunteer and community activist. And he is the most beautiful man I've ever seen. This is not about sex appeal or youth or gender. This is not me being all cougary (or whatever the next step after cougar is) - he is an absolute work of art. He is one of those people who is like the pied piper - everyone, it appears, knows him and everyone seems to love him. He has that ability to be super-positive and uplifting without being saccharine - to be personal without being smarmy and never seems to forget a name or a face. Anyway, I think he's going to be someone really important someday - and it was a treat to spend this morning with him - a double boost to start my day.

Journal Update: I wasn't paying attention when I purchased some new stickers for my journal. Turns out, they weren't stickers at all, but rub-on transfers of the floral variety. So now, I'm adding a little doodling artwork to my journal each day in the way of leaves and vines and other little do-dads. Great fun! Plus, I've started adding "streak stars" - an extra star each day to reflect the streak - clear as mud, right? Well, this morning my streak status earned five sparkly stars!

 So the journal has the following elements:

 1. My 411 (four things for which I am grateful, one thing that is the most important thing I accomplish for the day and one behavior that I would like to correct - so that I may be aware of it through the day)

2. Thoughts on readings - I read several daily-type readers, plus a bit of other life work stuff - and if it triggers some insight, I'll write it down.

3. Critical Self Care Rub On Flower (if earned)

4. Meditations for others - I write out those I am holding in my thoughts.

5. CHASE - Calls? Honesty? Ask Questions? Evaluation? Just short answers here.

6. *****Streak Stars*****

7. Affirmations to finish out the page.

 PAF Challenge: 0 - will do better.

 Fast, Pray, Love link for the day.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Art is where you find it.



  1. A work of art is a good thing!
    Grrrrr or not!

  2. You're not old enough to be the thing after Cougar.

  3. What Helen said.

    And I love the formatting of your journal. What a useful tool for setting oneself up for a positive and productive day. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What IS the thing after Cougar, anyway? Cheetah? Jaguar? (please pronounce like the British, lol)

  5. How the heck did I miss that you are blogging again? And a lot and I've missed SO MUCH!! AHHHHHHH!!!!

    Anyway, the guy who used to train me in kettlebells was like the guy you describe.

  6. What an amazing morning! I love the pied pipers :)

    That is great you are able to journal with so much structure. I love it! I would consider myself a structured person, but as I've been learning more about myself, perhaps I'm not as "structured" as I had once believed... Which isn't a horrible thing.


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