Friday, March 9, 2012

Blind Date

I didn't find the foyer table of my dreams but Pebbles did find an amazing buffet table that will eventually make it's way home with her.  She didn't drive her "clown car" - the little Toyota Matrix that can haul an a-mazing amount of cargo - we've yet to fill it up, it seems.  Instead, she had Slater's fancy pants Audi, which will haul mere humans, but promises to keep all their butts warm.  She will have to make another trip into town on Saturday to retrieve her bounty.

After touring the show, we went out to a Japanese place recommended to me by my boss this very day at lunch.  It was awesome - the food, the service, the menu and the space were all excellent.  It will become a go-to place for me.

It was a small space - an old building with a narrow, brick-walled side.  Barely enough for two tables wide, with long banquettes along the wall.  Seating was close, even to the table adjacent, which gave Pebbles and I front row seats to what appeared to be a first date if not a blind date.  It.was.not.going.well.  She was a non-talker.  I don't know if she didn't like what she saw or was naturally disdainful or just quiet.  The guy (who revealed his age to be a bit older than me) was trying awfully hard to keep the conversation going, but she was having no part of it.

The food was served in courses.  I don't know if there was a specific order to service, but each dish was meant for sharing and only one served at a time.  Based on TheBossMan's recommendation, we started with the roasted peppers.  As they were delivered to the table, the man begged our pardon to ask what we had ordered/what kind of peppers?  I answered and proffered the plate to share, as there were far too many for Pebbles and me.  I offered to both him and his date.  He was game, but she demurred.  Anyway, they left soon there after for parts unknown.  If there was a rest of the evening, it didn't look to be too promising.  Just made me realize, yet again, that dating is fraught with peril.

Tomorrow will be another workshop meeting and after that, I don't know what.  The weather is supposed to be nasty.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Get the buffet.



  1. Glad your time with Pebbles was productive and fun. Aren't you glad your date was better than the one you observed?

    I'm up early having coffee and getting ready to meet Pete for a run. They just showed Texas on the weather map and it's all green. Only place in the country with possible airport delays today. Too bad you have to go out for a meeting because based on what I saw I'd make it a pajama day if I lived there.

  2. Oh i got the buffet..LOL! Hubs and i checked out the new Golden Corral in town......AWFUL..we waited about a month to let things calm down......calm down? such thing it was crazy with a capital C. insane....wall to wall people...empty trays of food....people pushing ....sitting elbow to elbow....whoaa....won't happen again anytime soon! Glad you had such a nice time. Hugs! deb

  3. I love the buffet Pebbles found! Will she keep the color? It's one of my favs.

    The date scene give me chills. It is risky business. Maybe he was checking you out ;)

    It's a pajama day here in H-town today, for sure. Good for the plants, though.

  4. I also like the piece Pebbles found! I love trying new restaurants, glad this one was a success for you!


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