Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"The Bucket Residence, the Lady Of the House Speaking"

"Our Hyacinth"
I cannot see the word Hyacinth anymore without having that phrase run through my mind.  The attached picture is of one of the flowers currently blooming in the garden. 

Not much to add - dance lessons last night weren't the most fun I'd had standing up.  Inexperienced instructors, I think.  Great dancers, but a little too much detail and not enough practice.  Oh, well.  I need to get my private lessons scheduled. 

I am grateful that today is a rest day and grateful to have yet another blood draw finished.  Did get a bit of disturbing news from the results of the thyroid scan, so it will be off to the endocrinologist for me.  Seems to me that I'm just playing a game of "Russian Roulette" and something is bound to stick soon.  I am not bringing that on, but I am tired of this.  I am supposed to be healthy, dammit. 

Bad weather is supposed to move in for the weekend, so maybe I'll get some housecleaning done.  I've made some local inquiries and have found a woman who is interested in doing a little bit of work for me - it's bad when one feels the need to clean up before showing the housekeeper around.  I don't know if we can come to an agreement on scope of work and money.  But I'm willing to try it, at least for the summer.  I want to work in my yard.  I want to pursue other endeavors and I do not want to mop floors, clean grout nor scrub tile and aged bathtubs.  I will try to buy time, instead.

PAF:  1

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Watch BBC.



  1. I hope it works out for you to get your housekeeper. I had one for a few years and would love it again but the $$ aren't there right now.

    Your title put a smile on my face - Mr. Helen and I loved that show! In fact when I get all huffy and puffy and back seat drive, etc. He often looks at me and says, "Now, now Hyacinth..."

  2. Hope they figure out what, if anything is wrong, medically - and get you fixed up! I agree - you lost the weight, isn't health guaranteed now? After all that work, it seems like it should be!

  3. I dislike the waiting game when it comes to medical items. Doctors have a license to "practice".

    Having my house cleaned by someone else is one of the most glorous things! The time it does free up for other endeavours is wonderful!

  4. That's "boo-kay"! :) (I thought about that show today when I saw the hyacinths on my parents' kitchen table. :))

  5. Man, I wish I could come and buff and shine your little cottage. It would a pleasure. Love the flower. Hope the thyroid news isn't too bad. You are suppose to be healthy, damn it!


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