Monday, March 26, 2012

In A Sunburned Country

Pincushions in the front garden
It was break-out-the-sandals and get-a-sunburn Sunday in Texas yesterday.  And it was glorious.  I worked out in the yard for several hours yesterday morning, doing battle with marauding periwinkles.  The jungle backyard looks a little scalped, but it will bounce right back, I think.  I think I could have taken the weedeater to it if I'd done it a month ago, but it was too tall and too viney and I think had I done it that way, I would have ended up in a twisted ball of frustrated hate.

I called Talia to see if she was up for a ride and she was - but she wanted to ride the rails-to-trails (BTW, Angela Pea, if you are reading this, I don't have good contact info for you - the email bounced).  So that meant de-mothballing Cha-Cha.  Which was a good thing, after hours being bent over in the yard, my back was screaming at me, so Cha-Cha's more upright and smoother ride was just what the doctor ordered.  And I did my first (I didn't know I needed to be doing this!) almost bike maintenance.  I took Cha-Cha off the trainer and she SQUEAKED.  So, I gave her a good de-greasing and a bath and got out the chain lube.  Thankfully, I'd bought some ages ago but had never used it.  I aired up her tires, strapped her to the back of MalibuKen and headed for Parker County.

Rode with Talia for about two hours on the trail and it was just grand.  Came home and needed to stretch out the other way, so it was back into the back garden for more zen and the art of garden maintenance.  Got in about dark - the days take?  Five refuge bags full of stuff either pulled by hand or trimmed with hand clippers.

And in what could turn out to be an amazing turn of events - the possibility of traveling to Viet Nam with a native speaker in October has presented itself.  I don't know all the details, but have expressed interest.  It's part humanitarian aid and part tour.  If I am supposed to go, then it will all work it's way out.  But it certainly was a bolt out of the blue - from my sister's co-worker.

Historically, I wouldn't have even mentioned it - as to not "jinx" it.  But I am trying to adopt the philosophy that things have just as much chance of working out - no scratch that - things always work out for the best - it just may be that I can't see it at the time.  But in any case, I am affirming that the offer was made and that I would like to go - just putting it out there.  I want to go with Nui to VN.  So there.  I said it.

Spanish lavender abloom in the front yard.

I've a meeting with my accountant this afternoon, so instead of foldering up all my info, I'm sitting here writing this.  I've already looked through this stuff and I think it's already together - I'm just a little nervous about having all the house stuff together.  Although I don't know that it will matter - I only paid on the house for six months of the year and with interest rates so low, I don't know that I will even get/have to itemize.  But that's why I have an accountant - at least for now.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Live Authentically.  Affirm your desires.



  1. man and I ALWAYS think when Im at the accountants "please dont yell at me :) that's what I have you."
    Im off there TODAY.

  2. Your flowers are so pretty. Even though it's hard work it must give you a lot of satisfaction to work on your gardens and bring their beauty out.

  3. Lovely flowers!
    And a great day for a ride!

  4. Thank you for sharing the photos of the flowers - gorgeous! You did a great job on the yard.

    I agree, I use to hold things in being fearful I'd jinx it. I'm getting better at putting it out there. :)


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