Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Like Learning To Ride A Bike

Not actually Inez, but it's her twin sister

I'm off on my first group ride this morning.  And I'm nervous.  Talia will be with me and this is a no-drop ride, but even that adds pressure-to-perform.  I mean, I do want to get better, to know more and the only way to do that is to move out of isolation.  And this is the whole reason I bought Inez in the first place is so I would have opportunities to ride with more people.  I was getting very tired of riding solo.  So, today is the day.

I don't know why this makes me so nervous - maybe a throwback to gym class or something.  There is just so much that I don't know and that not knowing makes me really anxious.  I'm really moving into self-doubt here - which is not my usual place when taking on a new activity.  Hmmm.  This is not like a group exercise class where I can easily adjust my pace/effort to satisfy my own need "not to hate every f*n second" of whatever I am doing.  And to quote, well, me "I'm not getting a grade or paid for this, so I'll do it exactly as it pleases me" just doesn't seem to fit riding a bike when everyone will actually see how good/fast/whatever I am.  I just need to remember to be true to myself and my abilities.  I do not have to prove anything to anyone.  I am worthy and I AM a cyclist if I choose to call myself one.

I'm heading out for Nashville in the morning, so I may be scarce or I may camp all over the internets - just depends on how the conference goes.  It is interesting that they offer yoga classes every morning.  I've never been to a conference that did that - I've signed up for that and am looking forward to it.  Just found out this a.m. that two of my favorite cross-state colleagues will not be attending - for a very scary reason - one was just diagnosed and began treatment for youterin big C.  Downer news, for sure.

I've ordered printed invitations for the Garden Party, so now I need to put my back where my money is.  I've backed myself into a corner here - which is how I pretty much work the best - under a bit of pressure - so now I've got a focus for getting my yard work done - in little increments of time - 15 minutes of pruning here, 30 minutes of weeding there - and by end-of-Aprilish, all will be ready to go.  Oh, and the guest list has doubled - in for a penny, in a for a pound - the yard, etc will need to be as clean and pretty for 20 as it would for 40.  All I need is some more finger sandwiches.  Might as well go big or stay home!

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Stretch and stretch some more.



  1. I've been so scared to try a group ride myself. I'm so curious to see how it all turned out. Gook luck! Happy riding!

  2. The only group riding I have done is on organized week-long rides. I've never done the Club rides so I look forward to hearing your report.

  3. I hope you enjoyed the ride. I've done some group rides and they can be fun as long as that's what you want out of them. Since I don't have a road bike, I always bring up the tail end. Makes no never mind to me. I just like riding. That said, I have been thinking of getting a roadie :)

    Have a great trip, too. At least you'll have yoga!

  4. Sounds like fun and scary too. Good luck.


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