Thursday, March 8, 2012

One Of A Kind

This could be my undoing
I am taking a half day off of work tomorrow and going to the antique show with Pebbles.  I am so excited - which could be dangerous for my wallet.  I'm still sort of in the market for a round foyer table but if I don't find one, no big deal.

The rain has started up here and is supposed to last all weekend - I'm still in an organizing frame of mind, so I'll continue with my organization/optimization of my space. 

I've now moved my workout clothes into the hall linen closet since I'm in to those several times a week versus the extra blankets, which I accessed like never. 

I also tossed (put in the donation basket) a jacket I bought while in Florida last year.  There was a reason somebody got rid of it and that reason is that it always looks like crap.  No amount of ironing and starching and folding and flipping or fluffing can make it look decent.  It's gone.  I keep trying to make it work, and I just can't.

Speaking of "I can make this work" - Pebbles and I had an interesting conversation about that very topic.  "I can make this work" sounds like an "unsinkable molly brown" kind of attitude, but for me, it signifies a willingness to accept less than.  And I've done it a million times in a thousand ways.
Interesting concept to investigate.

No other news that's fit to print.  PAF:  1

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Be choosy. 



  1. I'm having trouble imagining a need for a jacket in Florida. Flips me out to see people in Florida or south Georgia wearing down parkas when it's in the 40's. That's when I shift to the light lined jacket. Parkas are for when it's cold.

    It's all relative I guess.

    68 here yesterday - I wanted to get my bike out. 37 tomorrow. Patience . . .

    That whole "I can make it work" deal. Sometimes it's all right. Do it too often and you're settling for less - or you think you don't 'deserve' it. That be dangerous ground.

  2. I also believe that once you get to a certain age, you should be extremely choosy about everything. You deserve ONLY the best!

  3. You know when your settling and when you are trying your best, in your heart. If you don't it sounds like you have a daughter that will point it out to you. I think we have great,muy inteligente, daughters. I hope you find the table of your dreams!

  4. I held on to a house till it actually almost killed me... and even then I ByGod didn't want to let it go. Live and learn.... and then get Loved!


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