Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Perfect Outfit

Inspiration table
Well, darn it - no amazing ideas for the coat-of-arms.  I'll keep percolating on that one.  In the meantime, my outfit for the Downton Abbey inspired tea party has almost come together.  That lace jacket?  Will look spectacular and period-piecey over a ankle-length linen skirt that I already own.  I have some 20's style shoes and I just picked up a straw cloche that I will embellish, complete with birdcage veil.  And while it may not be an authentic recreation, it's close enough - plus there are no specialty pieces.  And aside from the cloche, all are pieces I already owned.  As for the cloche, any embellishments I add will be removable, because I will wear that hat.  I am a hat person at heart.  I will need something to go under the lace jacket.  I've seeing old, vintage full slips being embellished with additional laces and trims that are amazing to look at - that would be fun.    I think all of this worn over some sort of up-cycled petticoat of some sort would be amazing.  I wonder if I have any trims left over from making my wedding dress a billion years ago?  I'll take a picture of the stuff and post soon.

I've got the menu planned  - finger sandwiches, two types - chicken salad on dark bread and cucumber sandwiches on potato bread.  Homemade lemon scones with homemade lemon curd.  Fruit tray.  Decorated Costco brownie bites and those Costco French cookies.  Flavored iced tea, water, hot tea and coffee.

If I can convince my mother and sister to unearth it for me, I'm bringing my silver (plated) service pieces home and will set up tables out in the back garden.  I have tablecloths and damask table skirts, laces and stuff I haven't looked at in more than a decade.

And in other outfit news, I finally broke down and bought myself some padded biking shorts.  When I bought Inez, I bought a biking dress that came with a pair of liner shorts, but the legs were just too tight.  And so today, I wore my new shorts out to meet a friend for a ride AND I wore them right into a convenience store.

Tomorrow morning is one of two tests to confirm the doc's diagnosis that the plumbing can be easily patched with outpatient surgery.  Scheduling the second test was nearly impossible due to my crazy schedule, so it won't be done for another month.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Outfit your planner.



  1. Oh, this sounds like so much fun. I'd totally crash if I lived nearby. Well, not really. But I'd give off a very sad face until you'd have to invite me.
    Vintage clothing is SO in right now. Pinterest has some very cool vintage-wear lately. And hats are a girl's best friend.

    1. Who knows if I can pull any of this off - but if I did/do and you were close by? Number one on my invite list! No pulling sad faces required :-)

  2. Sounds so much fun and your outfit sounds perfect! Hope your test goes well.

  3. I love a garden party! Everything sounds fabulous and I have no doubt whatsoever that you will pull it off beautifully. Sounds like good news on the test front, glad to hear it.

  4. Everything sounds perfect. Wish I was close I would love a garden tea party. I really need to check my Netflix for this Downtown Abby. All my friends are raving about it. How could I be so out of the loop??

  5. I cannot WAIT to see pictures of this event - you are so creative!


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