Sunday, March 4, 2012

Poppy Longsticking

First Poppy of Spring
Yesterday was a wonderful day.  Spent time in the garden and discovered this little red gem of a treasure tucked back behind the Texas sage.  The shot came out pretty good, too.  I didn't crop this one, but probably need to.

Workshop was really awesome yesterday.  I enjoyed working with the new folks (the ages skewed much more heavily in my favor) and the other instructor is awesome.  I still suck mightily at this, but that's not the point.

I'm going to try to get a ride in this morning, if my motivation can hold until daylight.  I'm a bit down this morning, as I did some stupid eating last night - too lazy to fix myself a proper and satisfying meal, so I just ate unsatisfying stuff and too much of it.  Not like it was cake or chips or something, but my tummy is rumbly this morning from too much onions and peppers.  Pico de gallo (with mayo) on zucc slices does not a meal make.

I was making pico in order to have it ready to make egg things for next week.  I've decided that I do better with making the strata-like concoctions in a pie plate - two meals at a time.  I don't overcook those, so I enjoy them more.  But having the pico done in advance makes it super easy to just whip up a little faux-quiche in a quick hurry.  My original plan was to make a faux-pasta with the zuccs to go along with a nice piece of salmon (wild caught frozen from Costco), but I wasn't really that hungry.  So I just fixed myself a little tapas.  And then some more - probably not even over for calories for the day, but I don't feel froggy this morning.

Slater bailed out on the leisurely ride today in order to ride with his hardcore mountain biking buddies - and Pebbles is not really wanting to ride today, so I'll try to get mine done before she gets here.  I need her help in moving the dining table and the rug in order to put down the new rug pad that I bought.  Plus, I want her to color my hair for me, as she does a better job of it that I do solo.  We are doing an exchange of some other stuff, and perhaps go to the new riverside restaurant .   But knowing Pebbles as I do, it doesn't behoove me to get my heart set on any one thing - expectations are just resentments under construction - so I'll go ahead and do my thing and wait to see how it all turns out.  Oh, her intentions are good, sometimes her follow-through isn't as I would like it to be.  She sometimes overestimates what she is physically able to accomplish in a day.

So there it is.  I'm hoping for a lightning strike of motivation to hit here in about an hour.  I think I'm going to haul out and ride around the lake.  I've never taken Inez out there.  Another potential plan is to then drop Inez off at the LBS for her tune up and buy some bike shoes and clipless pedals.  Yikes!  Those things scare me, but since I'm on a spin bike four days a week, it would be an excellent (and safe) way to practice using them. Talia has already fallen and hurt herself, as she was unable to disengage quick enough.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Enjoy spring.  Hold the onions.



  1. Morning Miss Roxie!
    LOVE Poppies! Indeed they will soon be popping up all over town!
    I love to drive through Richardson... they go Wild-Flower CRAZY up there.
    Maybe one day I'll get brave and ride a bike around and see all the Pretty little Poppies all in a row!
    Hope your weekend rocks!

  2. I think your daughter Pebbles and I are some how related. I do the same thing, only to my daughter. I hope my daughter realizes that my intentions are good, it's just sometimes that body and mind don't want to cooperate.

    I hope that you've mustered up your motivation and that the bike ride is a thing of the past. I am deciding between starting the research on my final Sociology paper or walking. Prob do both, watch some youtube about the subject, The McDonaldization of America. Wish me luck! Good Sunday to you too my friend.

  3. I know what you mean those pedal clippy thingys scare me too. :) I don't know how the weather will be where you are at but here the weather is suppose to be mid 70's sunny and gorgeous. I think we are going bike might call to me later too but either way definitely out in the sun. Have a great day! Hugs! deb

  4. Update us if you get the clipless pedals. Mine are dual-sided and I have bike sandals with clips, but I haven't ventured beyond a doorway as of yet, ha.

  5. I hope I didn't plant my poppies to late, we shall see. Our climate is actually very mild, until summer. :0)


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