Sunday, March 25, 2012

To Market, To Market To Buy A Fat Pig

14 Floors of Fun!
Now that was like taking a drink from a fire hose!  Nearly eight hours of continuous pin-balling from floor to floor, from store to store.  It was a bit overwhelming, but super interesting.  Valerie did make some purchases for re-sale and I make a couple of market sample purchases - a pink summer weight pashmina, a necklace and a belt.

I was concerned that this trip would trigger my housewares addiction, but honestly, I didn't find that much that was interesting.  Yes, it was cute, but I'd pretty much seen it all before.  What I'm leaning towards these days are home accessories, soft goods bed and kitchen textiles that are "prairie style/romantic country/shabby chic" done in chalk paint or made with linen, fine cottons and perhaps a hint of burlap.  Not overly ruffle-y or Kountry, but more streamline.  An organic look - natural fibers with a touch of classic, simple design with a touch of femininity.  What I saw a lot of was a lot of stuff in what I call the "Tuscan" palette. 
I still love a rusty red as much as anyone, but it doesn't really go with my house.  

I also got to practice keeping my hands out of other peoples' business and keeping my mouth shut.  Valerie's approach to this and her choices wouldn't be mine.  But this is hers and not mine and unless she asks specifically, my lips are sealed.  Not my P.I.G.  My sincere wish is that she is right and I am wrong and that she is very successful at this venture.

I did manage to get some Scissorhanding done Saturday morning before leaving for Dallas.  And declined a dinner invitation in order to get the mowing and trimming done after getting home.  I was whipping and spurring to get it done before the sun went down, but managed to get it taken care of.  I'll drink another pot of coffee (small pot) and then I'll hit the dusty trail to the backyard to whack away at the periwinkle that is out of control.  If I cut this stuff back pretty hard now, it should still be under control by The Garden Party and won't have that  "freshly scalped" look.

I really can't believe how unruly everything is looking.  I will need to look back at the pictures I've got of this place from the real estate listing to give me an idea of what it needs to look like, as I've not had much pruning practice - it's not like I'm fashioning fascinators from ficus, but things do need a trim - this ain't the jungle.

After a morning of yard maintenance, my plan is to get in a couple hour ride this afternoon - and then drop Inez off at the bike shop for her scheduled tune up.  Hopefully, she'll be done by Wednesday for the evening ride, otherwise, I may hold off on putting her in.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Develop a clear vision.


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