Friday, April 13, 2012

All Hail Kale

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I am so late to the bandwagon but what a wagon it is!  I finally, finally, finally made kale chips that everyone, including Pebbles, has been raving about.  Oh my, the goodness.  It's the taste I've been trying to recreate since I had a meal @Lon3some D0ve about ten years ago and had their quick fried spinach.  These kale chips were close - in that greens as cotton candy way.  Delish.  I got mine a little too salty, but I'll know better next time.

I've fallen in love with kale this year - having had it more this year so far than all other prior years combined.  Greens in general, actually.  Once I got over my dislike - due to being exposed to CANNED.SPINACH (is there a worse thing?) that tasted like, well, can - I love greens in almost all forms.  I've never met a green I didn't love - save the extra-gritty ones.  Don't like those much.  But the whole green thing is a total shift in palate.  Used to, the only green I could even choke down was iceberg drowned in ranch dressing or new peas combined with new potatoes in a bechamel sauce.  Still love that last one, but haven't had it in decades.

Back home as a kid, we leased out our acreage to be farmed and for a few years there, we'd have 30 acres of peas in the south field and 30 acres of potatoes in the north.  I'd get dispatched out to dig some small (new) potatoes and shell up some peas.  Now my mom was generally a lousy cook (see CANNED.SPINACH above), but she could rock a white sauce and we'd make the new peas and potatoes concoction by the big old potful.  There is still nothing available to me today in  the whole peas-and-potatoes realm that was as good as fresh out of the ground.

Enough waxing poetic about the food of yore.  Well, except the throwback to Peppered Chicken and Dumplings on tonight's menu at Line Camp.  I still haven't been able to get that out of my mind.  Cuz really, when you combined fat and flour and cook it up in some manner, I'm loving it (see bechamel).  I really don't want a whole order of it - just a taste - because dumplings can be all kinds of awful if they are not done right. Wonder if I could order them as an appetizer and split them between the four of us?  Hmmm.  Points to ponder.

I'm easing back into foodie mode, which isn't necessarily a good thing.  After being dormant and forgotten, Hulu sent me a message out of the blue telling me that a Chopped special was available.  So I tuned in.  And then Top Chef came on.  And then some Alton Brown.  Throw in a little pinterest browsing, and suddenly I'm hungry!  Note to Pinterest, the company - put in a filter so that when I browse everything, I can exclude food!   Talk about triggers!  Food porn, it is.

Anyway, that's all the news for today.  I'm cleaning house this morning because Patty (the cleaning lady) comes today.  I was out in the garden until dark thirty last night, trimming and pruning.  It really is a jungle out there - I should have themed The Garden Party as Out of Africa rather than Downton Abbey.

I'm looking forward to Pebbles bringing her bike over and riding back out to the base.  And then it will be interesting to see who shows up for level 2 of c0medy.  After workshop, which ends at 5pm, I suspect it will be back to the garden.  I'm very concerned about my Saint Augustine in the back.  She looks very, very patchy.  I need to get out to Marshall's and pick up some sort of organic fertilizer to put out.  I've already missed the first window (I've heard it said to fertilize on holidays - President's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day), so I'm a little late.

Time to shut up and get the day started.  Two cups of coffee down and more to go.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  It is easy being green.



  1. I also love all greens, and have yet to try kale chips. You may have convinced me to give them a whirl. Funny, my mom was a pretty mediocre cook too, and didn't know the difference between a bechamel and a bouillabaise!

    You gave me some good laughs this morning Roxie! Great way to start the day! Food porn indeed - I can turn a trip to Fresh Market into an X rating.

    1. Oh do try them - crunchy, salty goodness at the cost of mere olive oil!

  2. " I'm cleaning house this morning because Patty (the cleaning lady) comes today."

    Made me laugh right out loud! I'm certain your house is not that bad.

    I over salted my Kale chips the first time I made them too even though I followed a recipe. Personal preference I guess. The one thing I've found is they really keep well so the first couple batches I ended up throwing some away.

    Always interesting to me how some are bothered by food talk/photos , etc. and others are not.

    1. I don't know that I'm bothered or triggered really. I view cooking as a creative outlet and it makes me want to make those things (and improve on the recipe!)

      I'm one of those who considers a recipe to be a suggestion or a guideline - it's a creative endeavor that's triggered - but if I create it, I'm damned well going to eat it :-)

      What is this "keep" that you speak of?

    2. Keep, as in store. See? I made too many and you did not! And I meant, do not keep well. They get soggy. Yuck.

      You know, I used to eat everything I made - even stuff that didn't turn out the way I liked and I honestly didn't care for. Now, I've gotten really good at throwing things out. I don't want to waste but I'm just not going to put calories in my body that are excellent tasting lol! Ergo, I just threw out 9 Paleo Pumpkin Muffins over the weekend...

  3. Kale chips - who knew, right??? LOL, they are good.

    I've never heard that holiday fertilizer rule - mostly we do it whenever we see our neighbors doing it. And we have one patch of St. Aug that is not doing well - tempted to dig it up and resod that area...I think you can buy just a few squares of sod.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I don't think I want to resod the whole backyard - I'm wondering if it is getting too much shade? Who knows.

  4. I'd don't believe I've tried Kale... I've also been cruising Pinterest. Some good stuff!

  5. I was given the suggestion to cook these a year ago. Your post reminded me. Time to freak out the Cheeto / Dorito

    Enjoyed your post. Linked from Angela Pea's blog!

  6. I'm going to have to give kale a try. My big thing right now is asparagus, and I never even used to care for it. I seem to be eating it all of the time these days.
    I did not know you could filter out certain categories on Pinterest. That is good to know because I have a hard time with those food photos as well. I love that site. So addicting.

    1. My whine was that I can't filter out food stuff if I'm looking at Everything -and of course, I want to see everything. I've got about eleventy billion boards and even more pins. that site!


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